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Big Mouth's Brandon Kyle Goodman Says Fans Can Expect A Lot More Vulnerability In Season 6

Some may say that Netflix should throw up a courtesy message before each episode of "Big Mouth," warning viewers of the potentially uncomfortable childhood memories that may be stirred up while watching. Premiering in 2017, dedicated fans have grown accustomed to the perfectly awkward situations Nick (Nick Kroll) and his friends trudge through during one of life's most challenging stages: adolescence.

As Season 6 approaches, the show's star/co-creator Nick Kroll told The Hollywood Reporter that, as much as fans appreciate the cringe-worthy moments in the series, there have been times he and the writing staff went too far. "Occasionally, Netflix has put its foot down, but not many times over the years," he said. You can't blame the heads of the studio for being touchy about these touchy subjects. It can't be easy presenting an animated show that combines underage kids with difficult-to-talk-about subjects. "Our intention is to have honest [adult] conversations about kids' sexuality, but any time you talk about kids and sexuality, there are going to be people who say you're sexualizing kids," Kroll admits.

Despite the spectrum of different viewer reactions to "Big Mouth," the show continues to impressively tackle important issues that plenty of fans have once themselves experienced in one way or another. However, as the new season approaches, actor/writer Brandon Kyle Goodman reveals that these new upcoming episodes touch upon a different department of the characters' vulnerability.

Brandon Kyle Goodman says Season 6 will zero in on family life

Netflix's "Big Mouth" has not only taken on some of life's most touchy adolescent subjects, but it's done so using the vocal talents of stars such as John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, and Maya Rudolph. Adding to the voice-talent pool is Brandon Kyle Goodman, who plays multiple characters, most notably Walter the Love Bug. During an interview with Screenrant, Goodman spoke about Season 6 and how the kids will experience a newly focused-on vulnerability, as fans will get to see more of the characters' families and home lives.

When discussing what fans could look forward to in Season 6 of "Big Mouth," Goodman says, "I think you can expect the same irreverence ... but also, even more heart and vulnerability as we explore families." This storyline turn makes sense, given how much an adolescent's home life affects their day-to-day experience amongst peers. "So much of our seasons have been about just the kids, and them going through puberty, but we never really focused on how family impacts that piece of our lives," he says. 'It's really cool to see us stepping into those conversations as well."

With the adult audience watching from home surely relating to so many of "Big Mouth's" cringe-worthy situations, it's no surprise that the writers continue to make opportunities to branch out with these unique character storylines. That's why, as Variety reported, the show has already been renewed through Season 7. In addition, the spinoff series "Human Resources," which focuses on minor characters including Goodman's Walter the Love Bug, has been renewed for a second season.