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Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Hard Push To Bring Superman Back To The DCEU

The following contains spoilers for "Black Adam."

"Black Adam" is finally here, and jokes aside, it did shift the hierarchy of power in the DC Extended Universe, but not really in the way that Dwayne Johnson meant.

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Superman makes his return to the DCEU in "Black Adam," with Henry Cavill reprising his role from previous Zack Snyder-led films. During the post-credits scene, a drone sent by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) confronts Adam (Johnson). Since the Justice Society can't match Adam's strength, failing to imprison him without him willingly powering down, Waller informs Adam that Khandaq is his new prison. She threatens to use a strong force from another planet against him if he steps foot outside the country before he destroys the drone. Afterward, Superman flies down, suggesting he and Adam talk.

It wasn't necessarily a well-kept secret, but the moment paid off in the end. The scene was probably a surprise to most casual moviegoers, regardless of how much The Rock spoiled it without directly spoiling it. Nevertheless, Superman's reintroduction to the DCEU means a lot for the universe's future.

Henry Cavill made things official, thanking the fans for their support and patience and promising big things for the future of the DCEU. Johnson's also released his official statement on it, giving fans an insight into how that cameo came to be.

Dwayne Johnson and his team fought Warner Bros. to get Superman in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson really wants to fight Superman; that's abundantly clear, and the Hollywood mega-star can finally talk about including a cameo from the Man of Steel in "Black Adam."

Johnson released a statement regarding Henry Cavill's return via his Twitter. His post gives an insight into the difficulties he and his team faced trying to get Superman in the movie. "We fought for years to bring you back," Johnson said. "They always said no. But to Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, & myself, no was not an option. We can't build out our DCEU without the world's greatest superhero. And fans will always come first. Welcome home. I'll see you down the road."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, following years of negotiations, Superman's cameo was a last-minute addition to "Black Adam." So last minute that The Rock filmed his half of the scene without knowing if Cavill would be opposite him. The cameo was nearly a headless Superman, like in "Shazam," but thankfully, they were about to work out a deal for Cavill to return.

The Rock's statement directly reveals that previous Warner Bros. executives were against bringing Cavill back. It's no surprise to anyone keeping up with the drama surrounding the DCEU that people higher up in the company were against bringing Cavill back. Ever since the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery, the new management team has wanted a complete rehaul of DC Entertainment, as reported by Variety. Walter Hamada, president of DC Films and executive producer on "Black Adam," recently exited the company following its messy merger with Discovery, citing the infamous cancelation of "Batgirl" as the primary reason (via Deadline).