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NCIS: Los Angeles' Gruesome Season 14 Episode 3 Really Messed With Fans' Heads

This article contains spoilers for "NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 14 Episode 3.

Halloween season is upon us, which means some of the most popular police procedurals on network television are out to scare viewers. Earlier this month, "CSI: Vegas" referenced "I Am Legend" while treating fans to a creepy case involving a mannequin. Not to be outdone by the competition, however, "NCIS: Los Angeles" brought its own gruesome treats to the latest episode.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 14's third episode, "The Body Stitchers," reintroduces viewers to the titular cabal of killers, who some viewers will remember from Season 9's "The Monster." Known for sewing together the body parts of their victims in the name of art, this group of miscreants has remained one step ahead of the investigators since its inception. Furthermore, there's an underground network of art enthusiasts who are willing to pay top dollar to see the killers' gruesome creations displayed.

It goes without saying that the Body Stitchers' exploits make for some gruesome viewing — but did "NCIS: Los Angeles" take it too far with the latest episode? For some viewers, this installment was pretty messed up.

NCIS: Los Angeles viewers were creeped out by Season 14, Episode 3

In one of the earliest scenes in "The Body Stitchers," Special Agent Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi) opens a case file and is met with some disturbing images. Her superior apologizes and says, "I'm sorry. We should have warned you." However, the chief might as well have been addressing some members of the show's loyal viewership as well.

Some Twitter users, such as @jventoSLP, couldn't handle the intense nature of the episode and voiced their opinions. "I've never been more grateful for commercial breaks. *takes calming breaths*," she wrote. This sentiment was echoed by @ofliesandhope, who was "HIGHLY creeped [out]" as a result of the events that took place.

Elsewhere, @ItinaBivens described the experience as "jumpy and gruesome" while noting that "Eric Olsen looks tired." Perhaps filming such a dark episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles" took its toll on him.

That being said, while some viewers had a negative reaction to the atrocities on the screen, others seemingly found the episode entertaining. "I ain't gonna lie the new episode messed with my head tonight lol everything was a banger from the start to the end," @datblkguyyawman wrote.