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Who Was The First Million Dollar Winner On The Price Is Right?

Most contestants on game shows have some familiarity with not only the show's structure, but the possible prizes they may win. If there's one show on the air today in which fans have had more than ample time to understand the ins and outs of what to expect being there in person, it's "The Price Is Right." The current version of the show first premiered on CBS in 1972 and actually holds the record for the longest-running game show in television history. The typical "Price Is Right" fan knows that there are certain levels of available prizes a contestant can take home. For decades, the prospect of winning a new car on "The Price Is Right" is what most contestants have hoped to hear. 

When "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" first aired in the U.S., the stakes we surely upped for all game shows. With the possibility of a seven-figure payday catching viewers' attention, shows like "Deal or No Deal" followed suit. However, with the bar set higher than ever, even the classic shows also wanted to get in on the action. For example, "Wheel of Fortune" added the coveted million-dollar prize into the mix, which required extra luck on top of the usual steps to victory (via Reader's Digest).

Adam Rose faced a similar, added-on mountain to climb when he appeared on a special episode of "The Price Is Right" back in 2008.

Adam Rose became the first Price is Right seven figure winner

On a primetime installment of "The Price Is Right," fans in attendance knew this wasn't the usual daytime format, as host Drew Carey stepped out in a full tuxedo while confetti fell from the ceiling. One of the contestants that night was Adam Rose. Rose had waited all night in the CBS parking lot to make sure he was one of the first possible audience members interviewed by producers (via Mount Shasta Herald).

Just having the chance to win the grand prize required Rose to accomplish several first steps. Having his name called was his first victory, which led him to Contestants Row. There, the teacher made it to the next level by successfully bidding on a treadmill. Rose then advanced to Grand Game, winning $20,000. Luckily for Rose, his good fortune was nowhere close to running out that night.

Rose landed one of the two final spots at the Showcase Showdown. With a bid closest to the actual price, Rose won his showcase and even came within $1,000 of the total cost of the package. This feat allowed Rose to climb the final mountain standing in his way to the $1 million prize. When it was all said and done, Rose's bid was only $880 off the total, earning him the top prize and making him the first seven-figure winner in the history of "The Price Is Right."