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The Blue Bloods Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Their family ties are stronger than anything else. Their dedication to the police force spans generations. Their passion for keeping New York City safe through law enforcement is unmatched. They are the Reagan family in CBS' "Blue Bloods," and for more than a decade fans have watched as they solve crimes, keep law enforcement officials honest, and sit around the dining room table to further their family bonds.

Henry, the grandfather, is a former NYPD cop and police commissioner. Frank, the father, is the current police commissioner. His oldest son, Danny, is a detective for the NYPD. His daughter, Erin, is the assistant district attorney. His youngest son, Jamie, is a sergeant for the NYPD. They each represent a different branch of law enforcement and have their own stories that are all woven together.

All of the characters, at their heart, have a love of family and the law. However, each character has different traits that make up their personalities and influence how they handle their jobs. Read on to see which "Blue Bloods" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jamie Reagan

Aries signs are known for their bold, headstrong behavior. They lead with their head, diving headfirst into any situation. They're confident, passionate, and always find a way forward with a cheery attitude. Their optimism mixed with their impulsivity can sometimes pose trouble, but it's impossible to fault them when it's clear they just want the best for everyone. This sign is relentlessly determined and doesn't concern itself with unhelpful details. Rather, Aries signs like to get the job done as quickly as possible. Sometimes, their temper can make its way through, but more than anything, they are trustworthy and always trying to remain upbeat.

As a beat cop, Jamie Reagan sees a lot of negativity in his line of work. However, he combats this with his optimistic and passionate personality, which makes him wonderful to work with. He puts his loved ones at the forefront of his thoughts, caring about them more than he does his job. That's not to say the NYPD isn't important to him, just that his happiness and loved ones' happiness come first. His relationship with Eddie shows his sensitive side, and his fellow officers often see his upbeat manner as an inspiration more than an annoyance. Jamie also isn't afraid to take advice from others, as long as it isn't too detailed or useless to his life.

Taurus: Sid Gormley

Those born under the sign of Taurus are known for one thing — being stubborn. Individuals of this sign are represented by the bull, which is seen in their tendency to attack situations head-on. These signs aren't afraid of standing up for the ways they are set in. Sometimes their stubbornness is a flaw, but a lot of times the stubbornness helps them accomplish things professionally. Often, that stubbornness can manifest itself as dedication. This sign is really reliable and works for everything they're given. Their focus comes from their dependability to be hard-working in their profession of choice.

Sid Gormley is arguably the most stubborn and set in the ways of all the characters, making him the best Taurus representation. As the 54th Precinct's detective squad supervisor, Sid knows the operation style of the NYPD inside and out. He eventually becomes Frank's assistant, giving him more authority in his work, but this is all because of the old-school way of thinking that Frank respects and likes to keep around. For Sid, this hard-headed behavior isn't a bad thing. It's necessary when working in such a serious job that means life or death for people. However, sometimes his desire to preserve the old ways of the NYPD can get in the way of helping the new members move forward with the police department's current realities. Ultimately, though, Sid does more good than bad.

Gemini: Abigail Baker

Gemini signs have two distinct sides to them that are so separated they're often seen as two-faced. This isn't because they're trying to be fake toward others, but it's just because they're pulled in different directions with their many interests and busy lives. They are intellectually curious and try to find the emotional lines between professionalism and emotional opinions. They are quick-witted and unafraid to speak up for what they believe in. In particular, this sign is excellent at guiding change and transformation. Communication is key for this sign.

Abigail Baker is the epitome of professionalism. She is a member of the police commissioner's squad and she acts as Frank's go-to woman. She always speaks her mind, especially because part of her job is the large focus on communication and always talking to Frank about her detective instincts. She is quick-witted and one of the most professional of all the characters. She is constantly trying to learn more and always uses her intellect to approach situations rather than her emotions. Her emotional side she saves for when a situation truly needs it, largely because that side of her is completely different from her typical respectful professionalism. Abigail always takes orders well, though, and gets the job done.

Cancer: Maria Baez

Cancer signs have a mindset that embraces both fantasy and reality. Like most people, they are rooted in the anxieties and hardships of reality. However, Cancer signs, above all, have high abilities of intuition and are adept at reading people, places, and situations. They rely on these abilities to move through life. Though Cancer signs have tough exteriors and find it difficult to be emotionally open up front with people, they have an inner kindness and compassion that is unmatched once they feel comfortable. They help others to stay grounded because of their innate nature to be caregivers.

Maria Baez, more than any other "Blue Bloods" character, operates on intuition. She is Danny's partner and helps to keep him rooted in the law when he tries to go off-book. However, she relates to Danny with some things, as she often uses her intuition and feelings to determine whether or not she should keep pushing forward with a case. She is emotionally in tune with situations, not just in her professional life but in her emotional and personal life as well. At first, Maria comes across as tough. She has to, considering the line of work she's in. However, once she trusts someone, she opens up to them more. This makes her a great partner to Danny, but also means she struggles with romantic relationships.

Leo: Eddie Janko-Reagan

Leo signs are larger than life. Their presence is loved and noticed by everyone around them. They are filled with vivacity and passion. They celebrate themselves, and others celebrate them, too. They're born leaders, not shying away from any challenges or positions. They also take advantage of movie-like romances, often falling for someone that involves some drama. Since they thrive on the theatrical, their emotions can be heightened in even relaxed situations. Minor disagreements can become blowout fights, and minor joys can make their month. They are dedicated in every aspect of their life, but particularly so to their partners and family.

Eddie Janko-Reagan has a noticeable presence. From the moment she's introduced, it's clear she's a wonderful human being with a lot of heart. She's passionate and dedicated to her job and can command attention when necessary. Her theatrical romance comes from her relationship with Jamie, who starts out as her partner on the job. It's typically frowned upon for partners to become romantically involved with one another, but they find a way to make it work. Eddie is emotionally charged, often choosing her kind side but sometimes letting her hot-headed temper bleed through. No matter what, though, Eddie will fight for her family and for Jamie.

Virgo: Frank Reagan

Virgo signs are about as by the book as it gets. They have no time for nonsense, being rooted in the material world. These logical humans are always looking for systematic solutions to problems. Virgos aren't afraid to work hard and use constant practice to improve themselves at any task. They understand long-term goals but are much more focused on the smaller details that will help them reach those goals. They're always serious, professional, and striving for perfection in everything they do. You won't find a sign that's better about using their given resources to move through life. Where there is practicality, there is a Virgo.

Frank Reagan, the patriarch of the family and the head honcho of the police department, is the most appropriate fit for the Virgo sign. Frank honors the law like no other. He cares about the rules and works to ensure everyone under his leadership follows them. He is a very serious man who is resourceful and uses his smarts to handle any situation. Of course, he cares about his family, but it's nearly the same or just slightly more than he cares about his work. He doesn't let himself get swept up in any fantasies and always opts for approaching life with practicality. Despite his meticulous detail-orientated manner, he's a kind man who is passionate about his family and the NYPD.

Libra: Erin Reagan

Libra signs are known for their responsibility and mom-friend energy. They seek the greater good, opting for the "we" not "me" approach to life. Often, they seek out professional jobs that reflect their desire to mediate to find honest answers in any situation. They look for picture-perfect endings to struggle and fight for the happiness of those around them, sometimes sacrificing their own mental health to do so. They're excellent at considering multiple perspectives and using all of the given information to create solutions. Sometimes, they get caught up with too much information and struggle to reach a conclusion when they should just trust their own intuition. However, they're confident in their charm and can navigate any social or professional climate.

Erin Reagan is the only daughter in a family full of men and thus has had a sense of responsibility and mom-friend energy surrounding her since she was young. She works in the district attorney's office as a prosecutor, which is a public official that argues in legal proceedings against defendants. She is excellent at examining every perspective and using this to find the right solution for her clients. She gets so swept up in her responsibilities at work and as a mother that she sometimes forgets to take care of herself. However, she loves to help people around her, which is how she found her passion for prosecution in the first place.

Scorpio: Garrett Moore

Scorpio signs are powerful. They know how to talk and who to talk to. Scorpio signs view life as a game and always need to be several steps ahead. They work hard to achieve their goals and sometimes appear nefarious in their intentions. This isn't actually the case more often than not, they just have a mysterious energy that can't always be read. They are ambitious and must remember to keep their egos in check. The Scorpio way is not always the right way, despite what the sign's own ego might tell them.

Garrett Moore is a Scorpio to the core. He works closely with Frank as the deputy commissioner of public information. Before this, he was a reporter, so he's no stranger to figuring out how to ask questions to get the necessary information. He's also very extroverted but doesn't let his ego stand in the way of doing the job right. He speaks up when necessary and uses his strong suit of witty banter professionally and personally. It's clear that he isn't always Frank's favorite because of Garrett's frequent drop-ins to Frank's office, but Frank also values Garrett's opinion and perspective on different situations. Garrett is ambitious, knows how to get what he wants, and is always able to find the best way to spin it to the public.

Sagittarius: Anthony Abetemarco

Sagittarians have a very unique blend of character traits. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius combine their passion and intensity for what they love with their ability to adapt. This sign isn't afraid to do what's necessary to seek answers in situations where others may shy away. Not only do they seek answers, but they're really good at finding the answers. Though they're professional, they don't take anything too seriously. A defining trait that is sometimes helpful and sometimes a flaw is their brutal honesty, which is often accompanied by blunt verbiage. This can sometimes help situations progress faster, but other times cause hurt feelings and misunderstandings. They're also very charming people, despite this no-nonsense attitude.

Native New Yorker Anthony Abetemarco is the best example of a Sagittarius in "Blue Bloods." He doesn't shy away from any situation and feels no shame in being aggressive during interrogations. As a retired detective who now works for the district attorney's office, Anthony provides a unique perspective and doesn't feel the need to operate strictly within the law's lines. He mostly approaches situations with professionalism, though, regardless of his personal feelings. His inner New Yorker causes him to be blunt and can sometimes create communication breakdowns. To him, though, a direct approach with honest language, as brutal as it may be, is the best approach.

Capricorn: Sean Reagan

Capricorns are often seen as intelligent individuals with an inner wild side. Capricorns stand out because of their endless resilience and their inability to hold down their ambition. They are responsible with their academics especially and come across as a bit closed off when you first meet them. Some people might mistake this drive for frigidness, but the reality is they have an inner mischievous side that will occasionally pop out when they're feeling overwhelmed. They are goal-oriented and possess great tenacity that helps them put life into perspective and not get bogged down by little failures.

Capricorn is the best sign to represent Sean Reagan. As Danny's son and Frank's grandson, Sean comes from a strong family of NYPD law enforcers and has a reputation in the city to uphold. As a result, he tries extra hard in academics and is constantly trying to better himself intellectually. Like most of his family and particularly his father, Sean is conservative in conversation at first, but he eventually warms up to people. His inner wild side showed through when Jack was leaving for college and he started acting out through drinking underage, but he quickly got past this and opted for being a responsible Reagan family member once he learned some perspective.

Aquarius: Danny Reagan

Out of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius signs are the most rebellious because of how in touch they are with their humanitarian side. If they feel something must be done, they might not always go by the book to make it happen. This isn't for any nefarious purposes, however. Aquarius signs just want to do the right thing for people and are passionate about it. They're often found engaging in uprisings and causing progressive unrest, but they have a sensitive side that lies underneath their tough passion.

Who better to fill this rebellious sign than Danny Reagan? The oldest of the siblings, Danny is undoubtedly passionate about his job as an NYPD detective. However, unlike his by-the-book siblings and family, he sometimes rebels against what he's supposed to do. He's an aggressive old-school detective who often gets in trouble with his father and siblings for his lack of tact. He's described by his father as not just crossing the line but walking "on the line" in the Season 4 episode "Secret Arrangements." He's tough — sometimes more so than the rest of his family — but definitely has a softer side that comes out with his children and other loved ones on occasion.

Pisces: Henry Reagan

Pisces is a sign divided. On the one hand, they enjoy fantasy scenarios, and on the other, they are rooted in reality. Though they are often emotional, Pisces signs are great at absorbing lessons. They learn from every experience but often become entranced by the idealistic view of things. This means they can sometimes not understand when things don't go the way they envisioned. However, Pisces signs also have the skill of adaptation and are careful to share their experiences with other people. At their hearts, Pisces signs are kind and gentle.

Henry Reagan, the original patriarch of the family, is no stranger to adapting. He, like the other members of the family, puts family first. He can occasionally be judgmental, but it's just because he likes to use his own experiences to teach his family how to go about their lives and NYPD jobs. He's socially conservative but very kind to his loved ones. Having worked in the NYPD himself and as the police commissioner to boot, he knows how to practice resilience. He has also watched his wife, grandchild, and friends die because of the line of work they're in, which requires a high level of resilience to continue on. His characterization certainly falls within the category of the wise old man trope, but this works for his role in the family.