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Fans Told Looper Which Find On Storage Wars Was The Most Shocking - Exclusive Survey

They say that one person's trash is another person's treasure, and that couldn't be more true with A&E's "Storage Wars" television series. The premise of the show is quite simple — teams of people visit different storage facilities, and if one of the units has gone without payment, it goes up for auction. This can attract quite an array of people, and those that are interested in purchasing the contents of the storage units can only look from the outside, and cannot sift through the often random contents. In other words, people on "Storage Wars" have to trust their instincts and experience in order to truly reap an impressive profit.

Unfortunately, not every purchased unit in "Storage Wars" is some trove of fantastic and valuable items. For every awesome find, there is plenty of junk to go with it — the items weren't stored and forgotten about for no reason. However, between the useless and the useful, there can be some truly bizarre and confusing items found within "Storage Wars." We here at Looper decided to conduct our very own survey in order to find out what fans of the show believe to be the most shocking object or collection found thus far, and it seems respondents definitely have coalesced around one particular find.

Storage Wars fans were shocked by animal bones

The options for our official survey about what the most shocking find on "Storage Wars" included some truly strange collections and items. The options were a "My Little Pony" collection, a giant wooden head, a collection of rodent and lizard skeletons, Elvis collectibles, a breast augmentation device, and vintage dental equipment. After polling 608 United States residents, there was a very clear winner, having earned 24.84% of the vote — the collection of rodent, lizard, and bird skeletons that turned out to be illegal roadkill. The runner-ups, in order, were the breast augmentation device with 18.59% of the vote, the giant wooden head at 14.80%, Elvis collectibles at 14.64%, the vintage dental equipment at 13.82%, and finally the "My Little Pony" collection at 13.32%.

This set of skeletons was found during Season 11 by Darrell Sheets and his granddaughter Zoie, and it definitely isn't the strangest thing he has ever found. Each skeleton was wrapped in bubble wrap, which shows that the previous owner treasured these animal remains on some level. Unfortunately for the Sheets, Darrell took the skeletons to be appraised and was told that he isn't allowed to sell them because they are illegal roadkill. According to Redding, it was illegal to collect roadkill in the state of California before 2020, and even after that point, one needs a permit in order to do so, but only for large game animals like deer. This means that rodent and lizard carcasses are still illegal to pick up even today, so Darrell's skeletal find was absolutely worthless. Fortunately, it still provided a fair amount of entertainment value — at least according to our exclusive survey.