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Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 5 Has Fans All Laughing About Brett's Encounter With Clowns

Season 11, Episode 5 of "Chicago Fire" is certainly leaning into the Halloween spirit of the spooky season. Although still dealing with fires in movie theaters and the typical fare of the popular show, Episode 5, titled "Haunted House," begins with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) being recruited by Chief Bodan (Eamonn Walker) to organize and run that year's firehouse-sponsored haunted house. Bodan comments that this haunted house will hopefully mitigate some of the mischief of the night and leaves the room in order for Brett to explain her plan.

However, as soon as Brett turns her back on the assembled crew to explain that her only rule is no clowns, most of the people leave. Shocked, Brett questions why everybody left, and the remaining explain that Bodan is obsessed with Halloween, and Brett will have an impossibly high standard to meet. However, Brett's coworkers should have paid attention to her "no clowns" rule. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia, and some believe it affects around one in 10 people. Places like circuses and birthday parties can prove to be tricky for those with this condition, and it can result in profuse sweating, terror, increased heart rate, and shaking. It seems as though some fans have thoroughly enjoyed a scene from later in the episode, and it involves Brett's aversion.

Fans love that Sylvie Brett is afraid of clowns

Having crafted a shocking haunted house that causes Chief Bodan to comment that he won't be able to sleep for a week, he later adds that the teenagers that visit this Halloween attraction won't know what hit them. Unfortunately, a kindergarten teacher shows up with her class, and asks to go through said haunted house, which causes Chief Bodan to issue several commands that clean up and remove the scariest elements before the class arrives. Bodan then gives Brett a command to stall the children, but unfortunately for her, the children are all dressed as clowns, which causes her to turn around and run in fear.

This caused @BrettseyDaily to post a short clip of Brett from the start of the episode, and captioned it, "Oh my poor Brett there will be clowns present ... Mini clowns but still CLOWNS." @MrsAlphaHulk also felt pity for Brett, and illustrated their feeling by posting several laughing with tears emojis, and added that they thought the little clowns were super cute. @Learnthingss posted a short clip of Brett coming face to face with the horde of clown children, and said, "Lmao oh my gosh poor Brett," which caused @johnsamty93 to reply, "Brett's reaction was so funny! She basically had a face that was like 'oh no no no! I don't do clowns! Can someone get me out of here?'" Even on Reddit, people were loving this scene, with u/_wonder_girl_ saying, "Sylvie running away from the group of little clowns was gold!" In other words, it seems like fans were absolutely loving Brett's run-in with the clown children, even though she probably feels very different about this scene in "Chicago Fire."