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Netflix Has Grabbed The Upcoming Safdie Brothers-Adam Sandler Collaboration

The Safdie Brothers and Adam Sandler made for a winning combination when they collaborated on "Uncut Gems." The anxiety-inducing drama saw Sandler channeling the kinetic, unpredictable energy of one of his most acclaimed roles in Paul Thomas Anderson's dark comedy "Punch-Drunk Love" along with Ben and Josh Safdie at the height of their powers for drawing out suspense and drama until audiences were squirming in their seats. The film was incredibly well-reviewed (via Rotten Tomatoes), and while it was snubbed at the Oscars, that didn't stop "Uncut Gems" from garnering other prizes, including three Independent Spirit Awards (via IMDb). 

Though their first film came out all the way back in 2002 (via IMDb), it was a later project, "Good Time," that put the two brothers on the map. The film followed the tumultuous aftermath of a robbery gone wrong and one of the culprits, played by Robert Pattinson, trying to help his intellectually disabled brother out of trouble as a result. Now the Safdie Brothers are just about ready to add another notch to their respective belts, and it looks like Sandler will be joining them yet again.

Netflix has nabbed the follow-up to Uncut Gems

According to Deadline, Netflix has nabbed the rights to the upcoming collaboration between Adam Sandler and the Safdie Brothers. While Sandler is currently doing press for his sports comedy "Hustle," evidently, that hasn't kept the actor from talking about his next project, which will seemingly be the new Safdie Brothers film.

Though little is known about the film, including its title, it's rumored to be set in the world of card-collecting, which would make it a natural successor to "Uncut Gems," a film about a diamond salesman and compulsive gambler. Adding yet another similarity between the two projects, "Uncut Gems" was also acquired by Netflix and remains on the streaming service to this day.

Though little else has been confirmed with regard to the upcoming project, critics and viewers alike can begin to anticipate what will likely be another exciting and suspenseful collaboration between the Safdie brothers, Sandler, and Netflix.