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Lost Bullet 2 - Everything You Need To Know

Guillaume Pierret's high-octane action thriller "Lost Bullet" hit Netflix in June 2020. It's the story of police corruption amidst the dangerous world of high-speed drug smuggling, and it crushed expectations, with more than 37 million viewers streaming the action flick in its first four weeks (via Deadline).

However, the story wasn't finished in the first French thriller. Lino (Alban Lenoir) still needed some serious revenge, so "Lost Bullet 2" hit the streamer on November 10, 2022. If you're craving some car-chase action and want to see some bad guys get beaten down, then this sequel is definitely up your alley. Evidently, there are quite a few adrenaline junkies who feel the same way, as it was the most-watched non-English film on Netflix upon the first week of its release. If you want to know more about the plot, cast, and director of this intense part two, read on for everything you need to know about "Lost Bullet 2."

What is the plot of Lost Bullet 2?

In the first "Lost Bullet" film, a mechanic named Lino winds up in a familiar pickle for an action movie. After being framed by corrupt cops, he has to find a way to clear his name while evading law enforcement. While he manages to do so, his brother and his mentor are killed in the process, leaving Lino with a score to settle.

In the sequel, Lino is obsessed with bringing justice to the corrupt cops who killed his loved ones. After he's gifted his mentor's wrecked car, a Renault 21, he decides to modify it, complete with a massive, electrically powered ram, perfect for taking down bad guys on the open road. When he discovers one of his enemies is under police protection, Lino kidnaps him and goes on the run, spurring quite a few action scenes involving the pursuing cops and villains. The result is a tense — and, ahem, shocking — thrill ride.

Who stars in Lost Bullet 2?

As this is a continuing story of wrath and revenge, "Lost Bullet 2" features many returning actors from the first film. Stuntman turned actor Alban Lenoir is back as the main character, Lino, a man who's out for his own brand of electric justice. Other returning actors include Stéfi Celma as Julia, Pascale Arbillot as Moss, Sébastien Lalanne as Marco, and Anne Serra as Stella, the ex of the bad guy from the first film, Areski. (And, spoiler alert, Nicolas Duvauchelle shows up as Areski himself near the end of the film, setting up the stakes for a third movie). As for newcomers, Quentin d'Hainaut plays the villainous Yuri, Diego Martin plays hero cop Alvaro, and French humorist Jerôme Niel plays Yann, with Khalissa Houicha and Thibaut Evrard rounding out the cast.

Who directed Lost Bullet 2?

Not only is Alban Lenoir back as the lead character, the mastermind behind the original film has returned as well. "Lost Bullet 2" was written and directed by Guillaume Pierret, the same filmmaker who helmed "Lost Bullet." The original installment of the series was actually Pierret's feature-length directorial debut. Before that, he'd directed the 2012 short film "Matriarche" and worked on the French sketch comedy series "Le Golden Show." In just a handful of films, Pierret has more than proven that he's an action director to keep an eye on, and we look forward to seeing whatever fast-paced, explosive film he's got coming up next.

What do critics and audiences think about Lost Bullet 2?

A ton of people have watched "Lost Bullet 2." As previously mentioned, it was the #1 most-watched non-English film on Netflix the week of its premiere. But what did people actually think about it? Well, there aren't a ton of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes — either from critics or audience members — but here's what we've got.

As of the time of this writing, just five critics have reviewed the film ... and they absolutely loved it. "Lost Bullet 2" currently boasts a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with Christopher Cross of Tilt Magazine saying, "[Guillaume] Pierret has crafted another intricate action thriller with a myriad of impressive stunt work that would make any action junkie smile ear to ear."

Other critics hailed it as one of the best action films of 2022, complete with brutal fights and brilliant car chases. On the audience side of things, those who submitted reviews weren't completely impressed. The film currently has an audience score of 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's based on less than 50 reviews.

What is Lost Bullet 2 rated?

Don't expect a kid-friendly rating with "Lost Bullet 2." The French film boasts a TV-MA. After all, people get shot, get the tar beat out of them, and there are plenty of car crashes and automobiles rolling across the road. Characters get shot and stabbed, and everything from shovels to crowbars are used as weapons. If you're sensitive to language, the F-bomb gets thrown around a whole lot, according to Common Sense Media. And if cigarette smoking bothers you or your kids, there's a bit of that as well. In other words, it's a pretty standard action film for mature audiences.

Where to watch the Lost Bullet franchise

In March 2022, Deadline reported that Netflix planned on releasing 25 new French films that year alone. That's not even counting the other 20 they were developing. The trade went on to say that the site had invested $221 million in French productions, proving Netflix really believes in the movies coming out of that European country. As a result, you can watch all the insane mayhem of "Lost Bullet 2" on Netflix. Of course, if you haven't seen the first film yet and need to catch up on Lino's exploits before he starts kicking butt and taking names in part two, you can find the original "Lost Bullet" on — yep, you guessed it — Netflix, the new home of French action.