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The Criminal Minds Cast Didn't Hesitate To Roast Paget Brewster's Many Bloopers

The "Criminal Minds" revival is officially happening after the series ended in February 2020 (via Deadline). Running for 15 seasons on CBS (a close contender behind "NCIS"), the show became highly praised by audiences following the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (via Rotten Tomatoes). The BAU notably pursues the most dangerous serial killers in the world, meaning they need an experienced and knowledgeable team to get the job done. Throughout the show, the team has changed slightly, but many of the main cast fans have seen before are returning for the revival, which has now been given the title "Criminal Minds: Evolution."

Returning cast includes Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, Kirsten Vangsness, and even Paget Brewster. Brewster has been around as Emily Prentiss for quite some time, although not as long as Cook or Vangsness, who have been part of the show since Season 1. In fact, Brewster didn't appear until the Season 2 episode, "The Last Word," and notably even left the BAU for some time. However, Brewster has been vocal about her excitement to return to the series (via KTLA).

Brewster and the entire cast have seemingly had a great relationship over the years, and they didn't hesitate to roast her many bloopers in an interview in 2020.

The Criminal Minds cast says Paget Brewster makes noises while delivering her lines

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the cast of Season 15 of "Criminal Minds" were asked about who has the most bloopers during filming. At first, there was debate amongst them, but Adam Rodriguez was the first to note that Paget Brewster was likely responsible for most of them. Aisha Tyler then explained that Brewster makes "little sounds" sometimes when she's approaching a line. "Paget, when she goes up on a line like if she forgets a line, she makes these really cute little sounds ..." Tyler said. Hilariously, in trying to come to her defense, Brewster performed the stuttering noises that Tyler was talking about, and the whole cast erupted in laughter.

However, Brewster certainly isn't the only cast member to have bloopers on set. A quick search on YouTube can get fans multiple blooper reels from nearly every season of "Criminal Minds," including one from Season 3 that has over 1 million views and mistakes from many cast members. There will undoubtedly be another hilarious gag reel from the cast after "Criminal Minds: Evolution" finishes. As of now, the revival is set to air its first two episodes on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th (via TVGuide).