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What Is The Song In Chevrolet's EVs For Everyone Commercial?

Whether filmmakers are crafting the perfect moment in a movie or television show or looking to hype the latest product for the consumer masses, the "sell it with a song" mentality continues to play big in creative circles. That's particularly true in the marketing realm, where an impeccable pairing of music and video footage can not only bolster the appeal of the product being sold but also boost the adoration of the song backing the action. In fact, it seems like a commercial is either making a hit out of or reviving the love for one pop hit or another on a weekly basis these days.

The latest pop-centric ad campaign to front a beloved hit from yesteryear comes via Chevrolet. Using a pop song in a commercial is hardly new territory for Chevy, of course, with the auto manufacturer having so appropriated Bob Seger's classic rock ballad "Like a Rock" that it feels like the singer actually wrote the song for the ad campaign. While it's unlikely the song Chevy tapped to back its "EVs for Everyone" ad will have as much staying power on the commercial scene, back in the 1980s, it was a massive commercial hit for one of the biggest acts in rock and roll history.

The commercial fronts a head-nodding classic from '80s-era Fleetwood Mac

Behind the wheels of the electric Chevy pickup truck, crossover SUVs, and subcompact car featured in Chevrolet's "EVs for Everyone" commercial is an eclectic cast of characters living their best lives as they drive through cityscapes, mountain vistas, and parts in between. En route to their various destinations, virtually every driver and passenger is seen nodding their heads or singing along to the same song. Savvy music lovers no doubt recognize that tune as a standout from Fleetwood Mac's hit 1987 album "Tango in the Night."

Titled "Everywhere," the dreamily amorous track peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, on which it charted for 18 weeks. Oddly enough, the sunny little tune was recorded at a particularly dark time in the band's history, which was plagued by drug abuse, violence, and the subsequent departure of guitarist, vocalist, and producer Lindsey Buckingham (via Classic Rock).

That the band could still crank out hits like "Everywhere" amid the chaos is a testament to their collective talent. In any case, the track's elevated easy-listening vibes and catchy refrain are pretty spot-on for the cheery tone of Chevy's "EVs for Everyone" commercial.