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The Rookie Fans Are Shouting Good Riddance Over Rosalind After Season 5 Episode 4

(Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not seen the latest episodes of "The Rookie.")

Despite "The Rookie" being a police television show with doses of comedy, thanks to "Firefly" veteran Nathan Fillion's spectacular performance as John Nolan, the show also has its fair share of drama, suspense, and prolific serial killers.

Now, "The Rookie" is in on its fifth season, and one of the first major shifts in the series is that Nolan can utilize a "golden ticket" that he had earned in the previous season due to his quick thinking and heroics. The golden ticket allows a police officer to transfer to any department they would like, and of course, Nolan chooses to be a training officer. One might think that means that Nolan's days will be spent teaching new recruits, but then again, Rosalind Dyer (Annie Wersching) is still kicking around.

Making her first appearance in the Season 2 episode "The Dark Side," Rosalind is a manipulative killer that can still manage to inflict harm and suffering from the confines of her prison cell. This is due to her ability to collect followers that are smitten with her nature. This is actually how she manages to break free in Season 5 — one of her acolytes springs her from prison and then helps her evade the authorities. One of Rosalind's accomplices is a lawyer, and in exchange for helping set her free, she kills some of their enemies. Considering the history of cat and mouse between Rosalind and Nolan, it makes sense that there would be a culmination to their dangerous dance at some point, and it seems like fans are already over the killer mastermind.

Some fans were sick of Rosalind and are happy that she is gone

Discussing Episode 4 over on Reddit, which is a crossover event with "The Rookie: Feds," several fans expressed their happiness of finally seeing the end of Rosalind. Having escaped from prison, Rosalind had set up an intricate trap for John Nolan by using his significant other, Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan). However, Nolan is able to defeat her, which results in her apparent death. Fans have enjoyed seeing this, with u/Bunnaroo77 saying, "So tired of both Rosalind and Bailey. Glad at least one is gone. Why can't this show get back to quirky everyday policing? Why are these officers experts at everything and involved in every high profile extreme situation? Come on."

u/Th3ChosenFew stated that they were sick and tired of Rosalind and that this specific plot has been played out. They added, "Oh thank God, but now we have to deal with whoever shot her. Please tell me we don't have to." Others also expressed their happiness for the resolution of this particular story, with u/Total_Air_6081 saying that they are totally sick of the Rosalind stories. u/patsliterallystupid expressed a similar sentiment, and u/TheBlackSwarm said, "Yeah I'm glad her storyline is over it was getting old."

u/xoxoahooves wished for more quirky police stories and not these big dramatic events, and u/Quirky-1990 replied, "Agreed. I'm so sick of Rosalind storylines." Considering the fan responses, it definitely seems like most are happy with Rosalind finally being dealt with, but that doesn't mean viewers won't hear from her again. After all, she had quite a collection of followers, acolytes, and supplicants.