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9-1-1 Star Jennifer Love Hewitt Hints At A Rocky Relocation For Maddie And Chimney In The Winter Finale

Series like "9-1-1" clearly show that the emergency procedural drama is still alive and well. Combining stories about jobs that are often separated into their own distinct shows — police officers, firefighters, and EMTs — the series offers an all-encompassing view into the world of emergency services from the moment the call is received is to the resolution of whatever disastrous situation happens to be at hand.

Perhaps this is the reason why critics and audiences alike have cottoned to the series over the course of its six seasons (via Rotten Tomatoes). Of course, having fantastic actors like Peter Krause and Angela Bassett in the cast doesn't hurt matters either. Furthermore, the Ryan Murphy connection cannot be ignored, as just about everything the writer-producer-director touches these days seems to turn to gold.

Speaking of notable names attached to "9-1-1," though, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been playing switchboard operator Maddie Buckley since Season 2 of the series, and the actor has offered hints at what could be in store for her character in upcoming episodes of the series.

Hewitt confirms that Maddie and Chimney will be moving

Jennifer Love Hewitt sat down with Variety to talk about the journey that her character, Maddie, has been on over the latest batch of "9-1-1" episodes, and she was able to confirm what some already suspected about what Maddie and Howie "Chimney" Chan (Kenneth Choi) would be up to in Season 6 of the series. As the duo struggle with trust issues and their small living space, Hewitt elaborated on how these constraints are affecting their family.

"I do think that the bigger thing was less with [their nanny] Magda and more that Maddie, Jee, and Chimney are now living in Chimney's very small bachelor pad," Hewitt explained. "And they're expanding in their relationship, but they're not expanding in space. So I think that's hard." This, of course, led to a prompt from the interviewer about the characters moving somewhere new, and Hewitt let it slip that this would almost certainly be the case.

"There will, for sure, in a winter finale, fun storyline, be a relocation that will happen. It will not go as planned, I can tell you that much," she admitted. Well, that's as clear-cut of a confirmation for the upcoming plot line of Maddie and Chimney as fans could hope for on "9-1-1." The sixth season of the series is currently airing on FOX, while the latest season of the spin-off "9-1-1: Lonestar" will be returning in January of 2023 (via Premiere Date).