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Spy Classroom - What We Know So Far

Fans of the ongoing light novel series "Spy Classroom" (or perhaps its manga adaptation) have an upcoming anime series based on the property to look forward to, too. The action-comedy series will hopefully provide plenty of thrills and laughs to its eager viewers, but we do have a bit longer to wait before it's scheduled to hit Japanese TV screens next year.

As luck would have it, "Spy Classroom" has a robust promotional strategy leading up to its premiere in 2023. There's tons of material on its way to give both new viewers of the "Spy Classroom" universe — as well as hardcore fans of the books — a taste of what to expect from the new show.

The title "Spy Classroom" probably gives you a hint of what the show will be like. But above and beyond that intriguing name, here's a breakdown of all the information about the upcoming show that's now available — so far.

When will Spy Classroom be released?

Crunchyroll has reported that "Spy Classroom" will hit Japanese TV sometime in January of next year. While a firm release date has yet to be announced, January 2023 is only a few months away, so fans looking forward to seeing the show won't have to wait long –- and hopefully, its American release won't be too far behind.

Fortunately, that wait is going to seem even shorter thanks to an interesting promotional strategy that Studio Feel is employing for "Spy Classroom." By releasing a new visual each week for the show's seven main characters, they're giving fans a steady supply of "Spy Classroom" content over the next seven weeks, by which time it will practically be the holiday season. So a little bit of patience is still called for, but that kind of promotional structure has a way of making the weeks fly by.

And even better is the fact that each visual is scheduled to be accompanied by a trailer, which means we'll have seven character trailers for "Spy Classroom" when all is said and done.

What is the plot of Spy Classroom?

For some fans, the title "Spy Classroom" is probably enough to get them intrigued. But fortunately for anyone else, Crunchyroll also has this nifty plot synopsis, taken from the show's source material: "Following a devastating military conflict, countries fight their wars in the shadows. One unusual spy, Klaus, has never failed on the job despite his quirks, and he is building a team to take on an Impossible Mission — one with over a 90 percent chance of failure. However, his chosen members are all washouts with no practical experience. They'll have to use every trick in the book (and some that aren't) to prove they're up to the task!"

It's an intriguing premise for an adventure series, and as fans of both the "Spy Classroom" novels and manga already know, it has the potential to provide material for plenty of different stories and scenarios within that fantasy world.

Is there a trailer for Spy Classroom?

To answer this question as succinctly as possible ... yes, there is! Crunchyroll has the first of seven trailers promoting "Spy Classroom," the first one centered on Lily, voiced by Sora Amamiya ("Rent-a-Girlfriend"), and follow-up ones focused on characters like MonikaThea, and Sara.

As you can see by watching the Lily trailer above, it hasn't been translated into English yet. But the visuals are pretty impressive on their own, showcasing the show's fluid animation style and giving us a brief look at one of its main protagonists. If you aren't looking forward to "Spy Classroom" after seeing this trailer, well, we don't know what to tell you. But if you are intrigued by Lily, be sure to check out the other visuals and trailers, introducing (or, if you're familiar with the "Spy Classroom" source material, re-introducing) prospective viewers to Klaus' crew of soon-to-be espionage specialists — and probably Klaus himself.