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What Teachings Did Louis Violate By Killing In Interview With The Vampire Season 1 Episode 3?

When one thinks of vampires, there is usually an entire collection of facts and rules governing the hungry undead. If you were to ask any random passerby about vampires, you would likely hear about how a stake through the heart will supposedly kill a vampire, but one might also hear about a vampire's weakness to garlic, sunlight, moving water, and even religious crosses. Not only that, but some might even say that vampires must be invited into a house and cannot enter without permission. Some may go on to say that vampires are barred from entering churches, but as AMC's "Interview with the Vampire" highlights, most of these superstitions are bunk, at least according to Lestat (Sam Reid).

After Louis (Jacob Anderson) is given the Dark Gift by Lestat, Louis' newly awakened senses flood his brain, while at the same time, the predatory nature of being a vampire tugs at his very soul. Although Lestat appears to randomly kill and feed at his leisure, this antipathy doesn't exactly set well with Louis, who does everything possible to avoid killing people. Louis goes so far as to feed predominately on animals, which Lestat comments is like a fish that doesn't want to swim or a bird that doesn't want to fly. However, even the most self-controlled vampire will experience occasional lapses in judgment, and more often than not, these are caused by potent emotions that are quickly augmented by a powerful blood thirst.

Louis usually kills people when he is angry

It is important to note that Lestat is somewhat of an outlier regarding his fellow vampires. According to Anne Rice's website, Lestat knew very little of vampires at the time of his creation, and fans of the book series know that Lestat was given the Dark Gift by an exceptionally powerful vampire who pretty much left Lestat to his own devices. This means that Lestat only knows what he can figure out, and nobody was really there to show him the proverbial ropes of being a vampire. Although there is a point in Lestat's unlife where he cares about the origin of vampires and their place in the world, by the time AMC's "Interview with the Vampire" gets rolling, he seems to care very little about such things.

However, after making Louis a fledgling vampire, he provides very little else in detailed instructions, save for never drinking from the dead and that the last drop of blood should always be spared, lest the vampire take in the victim's death. One of the hardest things about being a freshly turned vampire is the overwhelming hunger, and considering the general racist nature of New Orleans in the early 1900s, it would make sense why Louis could easily reach his breaking point, which is best highlighted when his business is shut down by a targeted local ordinance involving night clubs and brothels. Previously, Louis attacked a business investor that makes several racist comments, and Lestat admonishes him for this action, saying that one should never kill somebody that close, but it seems like Louis committed an even greater sin in Lestat's eyes in Episode 3, and it definitely involves who and who shouldn't be killed.

Lestat says to never kill somebody important

As mentioned earlier, a targeted ordinance manages to close down many of Louis' businesses, and he begins to realize that is why the club was sold to him in the first place. Angry and frustrated by this recent turn of events, Louis bites and kills Alderman Fenwick (John DiMaggio). This causes Lestat to become very angry, and despite having told Louis that he would kill anybody that would dare insult him, this recent kill is almost too much for Lestat to handle. Lestat tells Louis that vampires should never kill a person of importance, somebody that might invoke suspicion or cause authorities to begin an investigation. Even though Lestat and Louis have a means of disposing bodies, Louis' actions still cause a rare rebuke from Lestat and a mention of one of the few rules that Lestat "lives" by.

Although Lestat has very few rules for being a vampire, other vampires actually have a set of five different laws. According to The Vampire Chronicles Wiki, vampires have a set of "Great Laws," which are that every vampire coven needs a leader, those that are maimed or sick or children should never be turned into vampires, old vampires should never turn people because the resulting fledgling will be immensely powerful, vampires are forbidden from killing each other, and no vampire should reveal their true nature to mortals.

Lestat pays these rules very little attention, mainly because he was never taught them as far as viewers have seen in "Interview with the Vampire," though he is very keen on keeping their killing and victims hidden from prying eyes. Ultimately, Lestat only wishes for both he and Louis to remain obfuscated, which is one of the few rules that Lestat impresses upon Louis.