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Dwayne Johnson Says The DCEU's True Future Is As A Shared Universe

"Black Adam" hits theaters this weekend, and, if nothing else, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has promised that it will change the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe. Though we've grown tired of that saying, we are nothing but ecstatic to see Johnson's 15-year journey finally bear fruit. 

For any struggling DC fans out there, it truly does seem like Johnson and his team are single-handedly saving the DC Extended Universe, which has been nothing but heartache in recent years. Problems have plagued the DCEU since the beginning, with a couple of lackluster movies quickly jumping into a "Justice League" movie, Zack Snyder's exit, and Warner Bros. frequently changing owners. There's not much that hasn't gone wrong. 

As it currently stands, there's not really any sense of connectivity between any of DC's upcoming projects. Robert Pattinson's "The Batman" is in its own universe, "Joker" is in another, and "Black Adam" takes place in the main DCEU, but we barely know what that even means at this point unless you've seen The Rock's spoilers about his upcoming movie. 

One thing's for sure: Johnson fully understands the issues plaguing the DCEU and what fans think of the universe's current status. DC fans want their movies to succeed and set up a true shared universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe but have their own spin on the idea. And that's exactly what The Rock wants to do, too.

The Rock hopes to give DC fans exactly what they want

With "Black Adam" so close to release, Dwayne Johnson's life has recently been a revolving door of press junkets and screenings. While speaking to EstoEs COMBO, Johnson addressed the discontinuity between all of DC's recent projects and his long-term goal of a true shared universe.

"Black Adam's not over here, and Joker's over here, and you know, Justice League is over here," the actor explained. "In our world, they all exist. Ideally, in my mind ... they all cross paths. Because the fans want that. And there's a good, creative way that we could figure that out ... So Black Adam colliding with all of these characters in the DC Universe, we come to the table with that open mind. If you said to me, 'Suicide Squad?' I say, 'Yes.' 'Justice League?' I say, 'Yes.' You name them — open up the book. Everything."

Johnson's comments signify a hopeful change for the DC Extended Universe. He stressed the importance of listening to the fans, even throwing shade at former DC executives for not doing so in the past. By listening to fans, Johnson's top priority is to reestablish their shared universe. According to The Rock, characters need the freedom to connect with others, and by all accounts, he's spot on. Just look at the unbelievable success of the MCU.

Needless to say, Johnson is putting his back into saving the DCEU, and the results are already starting to show. The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed a promising future at DC including a new James Gunn-led movie, a new Superman movie, Matt Reeves-developed spinoffs of "The Batman," and a "Flash 2" script already completed.