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The Company You Keep - What We Know So Far

Ever since appearing as brooding bookworm Jess Mariano on "Gilmore Girls," Milo Ventimiglia has made a name for himself as a leading man. His dynamic portrayal of Jack Pearson in "This Is Us" proves that he's more than capable of emitting the star power needed to play an engaging protagonist. Now that the popular family drama has come to an end, Variety reports that Ventimiglia is set to star in a spy thriller titled "The Company You Keep." According to the same source, the show has been picked up by ABC and will be produced by 20th Television.

Although the actor has been typecast as a heartthrob from time to time, some of Ventimiglia's best TV and movie roles are strikingly somber. He played an undercover police officer on "Boston Public," an anti-war activist on "American Dreams," a superpowered first responder on "Heroes," and a serial killer on "Gotham." Now that the basic premise of "The Company You Keep" has been made public, it's looking like Ventimiglia's ability to evoke a wide range of characteristics is going to come in handy. And while he will star in plenty of action in front of the camera, he is taking on work behind the scenes as well. Here's what we know so far about the forthcoming series.

When will The Company You Keep be released?

According to Collider, ABC's "The Company You Keep" will make its grand premiere on February 19, 2023. But though the series is new to ABC, its showrunners are not. The title will be split between Julia Cohen ("A Million Little Things," "Quantico") and Phil Klemmer ("Forever"), and the pair will also serve as executive producers (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Executive producer Jon M. Chu shared his excitement about the series order with a tweet that reads in part, "Can't wait for you all to see [Milo Ventimiglia] and [Catherine Haena Kim] and so many more at the top of their game." Catherine Haena Kim retweeted Chu and posted a response, noting that the show should premiere sometime this winter. Meanwhile, the production seems to be well underway. Milo Ventimiglia took to Twitter back on May 30, sharing a very small sneak peek with the caption, "1 week down makin somethin new with an amazing cast + the best crew in town."

What is the plot of The Company You Keep?

As reported by Collider, "The Company You Keep" is based on a Korean television show titled "My Fellow Citizens." However, the Milo Ventimiglia-led series won't be an exact copy of its Korean counterpart, which revolves around the life of Yang Jung Kook (Si Won Choi), an elusive conman who falls in love with a detective. The ABC series will star Ventimiglia as a con artist named Charlie who unknowingly begins a torrid affair with a CIA operative (via The Hollywood Reporter). However, a night of passion isn't all that connects the pair. Charlie and the agent are star-crossed lovers bound together on a twisted journey of fate that will force them to confront the lies they tell each other.

Even though the plot of "The Company You Keep" is inspired by another show, the small changes that have already been made to adapt the story indicate that the showrunners aren't afraid to put their own spin on the plot. With a talented team of producers that includes Russ Cundiff, Jon M. Chu, Caitlin Foito, Todd Harthan, Deanna Harris, and Lindsay Goffman, viewers can look forward to a fast-paced crime drama with a dash of espionage and a double dose of romance. Collider also noted that a team of writers is already hard at work developing the show's narrative.

Who is starring in The Company You Keep?

Catherine Haena Kim has been tapped to play Milo Ventimiglia's leading lady on "The Company You Keep," and this is not her first time taking on a role in a crime drama. Fans of the CBS drama "FBI" may recognize her as Special Agent Emily Ryder. She's also held brief roles in other crime dramas including "Major Crimes" and the reboots of "Magnum P.I." and "Hawaii Five-0." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim will be portraying Emma, a CIA operative who's on a mission that could derail Charlie's (Ventimiglia) life. Although they are drawn to each other, their romance is complicated by the fact that Emma is investigating a powerful criminal who has Charlie on the hook. THR has also revealed that the series will feature the talents of William Fichtner, Freda Foh Shen, Sarah Wayne Callies, James Saito, Felisha Terrell, James Saito, and Polly Draper.

Ventimiglia has his own string of small-screen credits, and they include roles that have made him a household name. While "The Company You Keep" gives Ventimiglia the chance to lead another TV series, he is also acting as one of the show's many executive producers (via Variety). Additionally, Deadline reports that the pilot episode will be directed by Ben Younger and written by Julia Cohen, though viewers will have to wait for more details about the first season of "The Company You Keep."