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Super Troopers 2 Red Band Trailer Crosses The Border

Almost two decades after the original Super Troopers, the gang is back and this time it's international. Luckily, toilet humor is universal.

Fox Searchlight released a new red band trailer for Super Troopers 2, the long-awaited and crowdfunded sequel to the 2001 cult comedy from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, and it reveals a pretty high-concept plot. Or maybe it's just pretty high.

This time around, it turns out that a French-Canadian town near the border is actually in American territory, so it's up to the Vermont state troopers to take over the Canadian station and phase out the Mountie unit that's there. 

The sequel reunites the whole team: Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Foster (Paul Soter), Mac (Steve Lemme), Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske), and Farva (Kevin Heffernan), along with Captain John O'Hagen (Brian Cox) and Officer Ursula Hanson (Marisa Coughlan). They're joined by Rob Lowe, Linda Carter, Fred Savage, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Will Sasso, Tyler Labine, and Hayes MacArthur.

Once again directed by Chandrasekhar from a script by the Broken Lizard team, Super Troopers 2 will hit theaters on April 20. What else were you going to do that day?