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What The Midnight Club Season 2 May Look Like According To Mike Flanagan

"The Midnight Club" may be the latest Netflix original series from writer, director, and executive producer Mike Flanagan, but it's uniquely different from the filmmaker's previous shows. Notably, the series, which focuses on the lives of a group of terminally ill patients at a mysterious seaside hospice known as Brightcliffe, is made for young adults. That means it boasts a slightly lighter tone than, say, "Midnight Mass," "The Haunting of Hill House," and "The Haunting of Bly Manor." The cast of "The Midnight Club" is also comprised mostly of young actors, which only further helps separate it from Flanagan's past work.

Beyond that, while "Midnight Mass" was definitively made as a limited series, the ending of "The Midnight Club" Season 1 opens the door for it to return with more episodes in the future. Indeed, not only does "The Midnight Club" Season 1 finale conclude with several plot threads left unresolved, but it also hits viewers with a last-minute twist involving Heather Langenkamp's Dr. Georgina Stanton.

Taking all of that into account, fans of "The Midnight Club" are understandably curious about the show's future. Fortunately, in a recent interview, Flanagan briefly teased what viewers could expect from a second season of "The Midnight Club," including whether or not any of the show's original stars would return for it.

The Midnight Club Season 2 would pick up where the show's first left off

While speaking with Collider about "The Midnight Club" Season 1, Mike Flanagan was quick to note how the Netflix show's cliffhanger ending differentiates it from his previous TV efforts. "This is the first time we've ever designed anything to be ongoing," Flanagan said. The "Doctor Sleep" and "Midnight Mass" director added, "We have no idea if it's going to come back or if we're going to be doing more."

However, while it remains unclear whether Netflix wants to bring "The Midnight Club" back for another season, Flanagan did tease some of the ideas that he and other members of the show's creative team have about its future. In specific, Flanagan said, "There would not be much of a time jump [between seasons]. For a lot of our characters, they don't have too much time for us to burn. So we would be coming in relatively tight, I think to where we left off."

Unfortunately, Flanagan added that the lack of a major time jump between "The Midnight Club" Seasons 1 and 2 doesn't mean viewers wouldn't have to say goodbye to more of the show's terminally ill characters. "If it does continue, there will have to be a new cast. And they'll have to kind of come in one at a time as people go," Flanagan noted.

In other words, while it doesn't sound like "The Midnight Club" Season 2 would adopt a totally anthological structure, it does seem like the show's cast would inevitably evolve a lot over the course of its episodes. Whether or not that's what fans want to see from a sophomore season of "The Midnight Club" is, of course, up for debate, but it's a direction that's certainly in keeping with the show's established themes and tone.