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Here's Your First Look At Joe Pesci In Pete Davidson's Peacock Series Bupkis

In an era defined by hard-bodied action heroes and Harrison Ford's jawline, Joe Pesci emerged in the 1980s as an unlikely movie star, working with Martin Scorsese in "Raging Bull" and Sergio Leone in "Once Upon a Time in America," among other projects. Pesci's singular talent — a combination of irascible hot-headedness and streetwise cool — launched him to fame in the following decade, where he played everything from a cartoonish burglar ("Home Alone") to a fish-out-of-water lawyer ("My Cousin Vinny") to a crooked CPA ("Lethal Weapon"). He also continued his career-defining relationship with Martin Scorsese, appearing in "Casino" and "Goodfellas," the latter of which won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (via IMDb).

Just as quickly as Pesci's star rose, he retreated from the limelight and announced his retirement from acting in 1999, appearing in only three small roles over the next 20 years. In 2019, Pesci came out of retirement to once again collaborate with Scorsese and his frequent co-star Robert De Niro in "The Irishman." The return to the screen must have reignited the acting spark for Pesci; the actor is set to co-star in Pete Davidson's upcoming series "Bupkis." Now, Peacock has released the first look at Pesci in the highly-anticipated show.

Joe Pesci hangs out with his grandson Pete Davidson in Bupkis

A new image courtesy of Peacock shows Pete Davidson and Joe Pesci hanging out seaside in the upcoming comedy series "Bupkis." Executive produced by Lorne Michaels and written, starring, and executive produced by Davidson, "Bupkis" is a half-hour, fictionalized look at the "SNL" alum's life.

The series co-stars Edie Falco and Pesci — both known for their mafia-themed credentials — as Davidson's mother and grandfather. The first-look image sees grandson and grandfather bonding in what we can only assume is the Staten Island waterfront. Davidson, who is a loud and (mostly) proud Staten Islander, previously co-wrote and starred in "The King of Staten Island."

Donning a fedora and flashy shades, Pesci looks right at home in "Bupkis." Pesci's involvement in "Bupkis" proves that his return to acting in "The Irishman" wasn't a one-and-done affair. Moreover, it marks the actor's first comedic role since 1997's "Gone Fishin'," as well as his first television project since the short-lived "Half Nelson" in 1985.