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Why Wasn't Carisi In Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 4?

Season 24 of "Law & Order: SVU" will see the retirement of Kelli Giddish from the series. Amanda Rollins was a staple on "SVU" for over a decade, and fans are eagerly awaiting the explanation as to why she leaves the series. Executive producer Julia Martin confirmed that Rollins and Sonny Carisi (Peter Scanavino) would have a happy ending in a tweet, so fans are also staying glued to the ADA's story.

Amanda also has PTSD in Season 24 after getting shot in the crossover event, and it looks like she might retire from the force to focus on her family. Does this mean Carisi will leave the series as well? Fans started getting nervous when Episode 4 of Season 24 didn't feature the former detective at all. He was named dropped twice, but viewers never got to see his face, which was understandable given the investigation didn't lead to a trial. Showrunner David Graziano is now shedding a little bit of light on Carisi's absence.

Law & Order: SVU showrunner explains Carisi's absence

David Graziano is the new showrunner for "Law & Order: SVU," and he's pretty active with fans on his Instagram account. He replies to many fans' comments and gives insight into what's coming in the series. In an Instagram comment, he revealed that Kelli Giddish's last episode would be the ninth of Season 24, and now he's explaining why Carisi was absent in Episode 4.

"Sadly, even Manhattan's best ADA needs a day off," Graziano wrote in a recent Instagram comment. The showrunner was responding to a fan who was hoping to see Peter Scanvino in Episode 4, but they were ultimately let down. Another user asked if "SVU" fans would get a scene of Rollins and Carisi in bed together, to which Graziano replied, "soon." At the time of this publication, there is no suggestion that Scanavino is also leaving "SVU." Since we were promised a happy ending, it'll be interesting to see how the couple gets one with Rollins gone and Carisi still working as an ADA. We should get more answers on Scanavino's future in Episode 9 when Giddsh makes her series departure.