Harrison Ford Is Rumored To Be Joining The MCU As Gen. Thunderbolt Ross In Captain America 4

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe found its footing in 2008, two heroes led the charge: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Hulk (Edward Norton). The former's first solo adventure would go on to become a comic book movie classic that ushered in a new era of superhero media. On the other hand, the "Jade Giant" found no such prosperity by the time his flick left the cinema. "The Incredible Hulk" didn't make a ton of money, and it remains less than a critical favorite, hence why Marvel Studios has largely ignored it over the years. 

At the same time, some elements of "The Incredible Hulk" have stuck around in the MCU for the long haul. For instance, aside from the title hero himself, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross has become a key player in the sprawling multimedia franchise. From "Captain America: Civil War" to "Black Widow," he's brought his stern attitude, signature mustache, and penchant for stirring up trouble at the worst possible time with him for multiple projects. William Hurt brought Ross to life to perfection until his death on March 13, 2022.

Despite Hurt's passing, the rumor mill has indicated that Thunderbolt Ross isn't done in the MCU just yet. In fact, he may return for "Captain America: New World Order," played by none other than Harrison Ford.

Is Ford really MCU-bound?

In the October 13, 2022, installment of "The Hot Mic Podcast with John Rocha and Jeff Sneider," the two titular hosts discussed news across the superhero movie spectrum. As part of that chat, they touched on the future of the Thunderbolt Ross character in the MCU, noting that Harrison Ford will supposedly carry on the legacy of William Hurt's character going forward. He'll reportedly make his first MCU appearance in the upcoming "Captain America: New World Order" film, which stars Anthony Mackie as Sam "Captain America" Wilson and will premiere on May 3, 2024.

Of course, it would be wise to take these claims with a grain of salt, considering that no one from Marvel Studios has confirmed Harrison Ford's involvement in the MCU — as Thunderbolt Ross or anyone else, for that matter. Then again, given Ford's track record, it wouldn't come as a surprise if he signed up. He's proven that he's open to trying out pretty much anything, having starred in everything from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" to "Blade Runner" over the years. Not to mention, in features like "The Expendables 3" and "Ender's Game," he excelled in gruff military man roles that aren't too unlike Ross. Therefore, why not give Marvel a try?

Harrison Ford has done pretty much everything in Hollywood except star in MCU. We'll have to wait and see if the rumors of his casting as Thunderbolt Ross in the fourth "Captain America" film are indeed true so we can confirm one way or the other if he's added that feather to his cap.