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Disney's Society Of Explorers And Adventurers Attraction Is Reportedly Getting The Feature Film Treatment With Ryan Reynolds Producing

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to "Star Wars," Disney owns the rights to some of the most popular franchises in the history of pop culture. However, let's not forget that the House of Mouse is an all-encompassing juggernaut that also has access to lucrative theme park rides that have dazzled Disneyland attendees since 1955 (per History). Many of these rides are globally renowned in their own right, and they've inspired filmmakers to make movies based on them.

"Pirates of the Caribbean," "Jungle Cruise," and "Tomorrowland" are among the best and worst movies based on Disney rides. The assortment of adaptations has ranged from cheap TV movies to blockbusters that spawned mega-successful franchises. The trend of adapting beloved rides doesn't appear to be slowing down either, as another popular attraction is reportedly set to join the list.

Word on the street is that the "Society of Explorers and Adventurers" attraction will inform an upcoming House of Mouse feature. The project also features some notable names at the helm. "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds is involved, and he will be teaming up with the writer and co-director of the upcoming "Strangle World" movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Qui Nguyen will write the Society of Explorers and Adventures movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds will reportedly executive produce a live-action feature based on Disney's "Society of Explorers and Adventurers" ride. Qui Nguyen, who penned "Raya and the Last Dragon," has been tapped to write the movie, which will be separate from Ron Moore's upcoming series for Disney+ that's also based on the attraction.

Per THR, the live-action movie will have a supernatural element and revolve around an ancient organization that consists of scientists, adventurers, artists, and travelers. Some of the characters include names such as Harrison Hightower III, Mary Oceaneer, and Lord Henry Mystic. No actors have been cast in any of these roles at the time of this writing, and it's yet to be revealed if Reynolds will have an on-screen role. 

Furthermore, Disney reportedly hopes that the "Society of Explorers and Adventurers" movie will launch a franchise, but that will all depend on the film's performance at the box office, should the project materialize.