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Chainsaw Man's Opening Sequence Has Fans Buzzing About This Sibling Dynamic

Most anime shows are usually inspired by a manga source material, and the recent "Chainsaw Man" series is no different. Based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto, "Chainsaw Man" has an interesting premise that sees normal humans make deals with devils in exchange for powers. These bargains help create an entire division of human devil hunters that utilize their bound demons in order to stop rogue devils. Each devil typically has a sphere of influence, and the main character Denji (Ryan Colt Levy) becomes a devil-human hybrid that gains chainsaw-related skills after being killed and striking a bargain with Pochita (Shiori Izawa), the Chainsaw Devil, to return back to life.

Considering that Denji is successfully able to utilize this newfound power, he is recruited into a division of Public Safety Devil Hunters, who are tasked with all things devil-related. The opening sequence on YouTube gives a fairly good example of what viewers might expect from "Chainsaw Man," and that is that it is equal parts goofy and terrifying, with plenty of characters of varying temperance and personalities. Speaking of goofy and characters, it seems like some fans have pointed out a rather interesting dynamic between three of the characters during the aforementioned opening sequence, and it definitely highlights the relationship shared between them.

Fans love the energy between Aki, Denji, and Power

Considering that "Chainsaw Man" takes a tremendous amount of source material from the manga in which it is based, several fans of the series coalesced in the comment section of YouTube to highlight the previously brought up sibling-like dynamic between Power (Sarah Wiedenfelt), Denji, and Aki Hayakawa (Reagan Murdock). Denji, even as the main protagonist of the "Chainsaw Man," is a bit of a goofball, while Power is a Blood Fiend with horns and a self-centered approach to life, and Aki is a no-nonsense member of the Public Safety Organization that grows close with both Power and Denji.

The interactions between Denji, Power, and Aki in the opening sequence of "Chainsaw Man" invokes a lot of strong responses from fans of this new anime series and the manga. The top comment on YouTube truly focuses on these three, and it said, "Power and Denji being the chaotic younger siblings and aki being done with them is absolutely golden." This statement caused an immediate deluge of following up responses, with one comment saying, "Love the shot at the end of him mockingly doing the fox summoning as if to say 'please take them out of my misery.'"

Another comment joked, "My favorite description of their dynamic is 'They have two braincells between the three of them and Aki has them both.'" One comment even referenced the manga and anime "Jujutsu Kaisa," which is about cursed energy utilization, by saying, "Ok i have not read the manga but i am not the only one whose getting jujutsu kaisa like feeling from this opening and anime right?" Either way, those without previous knowledge of the manga are in for surprises with the adaptation of "Chainsaw Man" as this trio gets more comfortable.