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The Unexpected Haikyuu!! Character Bryson Baugus Would Be Friends With In Real Life

The main character of the manga and anime series "Haikyuu!!," Shoyo Hinata, is an irrepressible teen at Karasuno High School who wants to be like his idol, "the Small Giant," a former Karasuno student and volleyball player. Hinata's ambition leads him to join the school's volleyball club, but first, he has to bury the hatchet with arch-rival Tobio Kageyama. In the original Japanese audio, Ayumu Murase provides Hinata's voice, but in the recent Sentai Filmworks English dub, the character is voiced by Bryson Baugus (via My Anime List).

The actor told The Geekiary that his main job on the series is "just trying to match the energy and the intent of what I see happening in the animation." Baugus is proud of his voice work on the show, even if he was also nervous about what the fans would think.

Despite voicing the intrepid Hinata, however, Baugus didn't name him when asked about which fictional character he'd want to hang out with from the show. 

Bryson Baugus would get along with Kenma Kozume

According to The Geekiary, while "Haikyuu!!" co-stars Kyle C. Jones and Scott Gibbs cited the assertive and bold Tanaka as the anime character they'd want to hang out with the most, Bryson Baugus went in a different direction. The actor did say that Tanaka was his favorite "Haikyuu!!" character, but he told the site "I think the character I would hang out with the most would probably be Kenma from Nekoma."

Like the contemplative, quiet Nekoma High student, Baugus also likes video games. But more importantly, Baugus said, "he's really low-key and chill, and most of the friends that I hang out with on a daily basis are that kind of low-key [sic] just kind of chill, talk with for a bit, not super high-energy or anything like that."

This makes sense, especially because Kenma Kozume is reserved, but the young athlete actually cares deeply about his friends and tries hard to win at volleyball specifically for their sake. Tanaka is super passionate, but Kenma is the kind of friend who won't let you down even when the stakes are high.