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Fans Are Loving The LGBTQ+ Representation In Chucky Season 2

Season 1 of "Chucky" delivered a gruesome good time by finally gracing television screens with a series starring the foul-mouthed killer doll voiced by Brad Dourif. The 1st season introduced a stellar cast of characters to Chucky's unforgiving and bloody rage, gifting him a fresh set of victims. The inaugural season also kept alive the queer elements that fans quickly latched onto in the older films.

During Season 1, these elements became immediately apparent thanks to lead character Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), who remained closeted from his homophobic and violent father, Lucas (Devan Sawa). Chucky tries to persuade Jake to kill his father, leading to a legendary clip where the maniacal slayer reveals to Jake that he's accepting of his sexuality and that he even has a child on the LGBTQ+ spectrum himself. Fans of 2004's "Seed of Chucky" ecstatically know this is Glen/Glenda, Chucky and Tiffany Valentine's (Jennifer Tilly) gender-fluid offspring, who will finally be returning to the "Chucky" franchise after being notably absent from the two subsequent films and the 2019 reboot. 

Based on the response so far to Season 2, it looks as though the LGBTQ+ representation in "Chucky" continues to delight and surprise viewers.

Fans are loving Jake and Devon's relationship

While LGBTQ+ representation in media is undeniably getting better, there's still arguably much more work to do. However, the representation featured on "Chucky" is worth a hearty celebration for normalizing the depiction of same-sex couples on television. Fans have been engaging in such celebrations on Twitter, bonding over their shared love for the young couple of Jake and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) and their endless, horrifying encounters with Chucky.

Confirmed franchise fan @ChuckySource tweeted their adoration for Jake and Devon's blossoming relationship with a photo moment featuring their sweet reunion. Meanwhile, @HypraSeaPea observed, "Chucky is so funny, man. for such a twisted serial killer villain he always makes it clear that he's otherwise socially progressive. he makes a detour while tormenting his enemy on a phone call to clarify that hes not homophobic." And @LeahKateFacts pondered, "Now why is that Chucky tv series the best lgbt rep I've ever seen..."

This refreshing representation makes "Chucky" easily one of the most multifaceted and enjoyable series currently on the air. As @ManicPandaz tweeted, "Never forget that Chucky is a lgbt ally."