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Why The Winchesters Is Looking For A Different Kind Of Antagonist According To Showrunner Robbie Thompson

After 15 years of fighting demons and solving cases on "Supernatural," we thought we'd seen the last of the Winchester family when the series finally ended in 2020. But as of this writing, we're not entirely done with the famous monster-hunting family. "The Winchesters" has premiered on the CW, and with it are probably a few intriguing additions to the overall lore of "Supernatural." The spin-off is a prequel focusing on Sam and Dean's parents, Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) and John Winchester (Drake Rodger). And while we'll ultimately learn how Mary and John fell in love, had Sam and Dean, and saved the world together, as they say, the devil is in the details. And "The Winchesters" aims to spill all.

However, that doesn't mean "The Winchesters" has no unexpected tricks up its sleeve. The first episode gives a breakdown of a fated meeting between John and Mary. And no surprise, as is "Supernatural" tradition, a demon is definitely involved in their first introduction. But fans were in for a shock when the show decided to present a completely new type of antagonist to the fold. It's a nice twist, but in an interview with TV Line, "The Winchesters" showrunner Robbie Thompson gave a deeper reason why the show is seeking a different kind of antagonist.

Beware of spoilers.

Thompson wants the main antagonist to help the spin-off further differ from Supernatural

"The Winchesters" finds itself having to balance paying homage and offering something differing from "Supernatural." With it being a prequel, it should have little problem in the first department, but that can also easily make it run as a simple nostalgia act. But one of the ways the spin-off is setting itself up as its own unique beast of a show is through an antagonist unlike any other. Specifically, the first episode reveals a new threat called the Akrida, who hail from either another dimension or universe. Their goal is to cross over or invade John and Mary's world, and they're way more challenging to deal with than demons or archangels. Only a single magic box can take them out. They're dangerous creatures the "Supernatural" universe has never mentioned. 

According to showrunner Robbie Thompson, the Akrida significantly help "The Winchesters" stand out from the main show. Thompson told TV Line that an enemy like the Akrida aims to provide "The Winchesters" with something to help the spin-off feel much more different than "Supernatural."

Thompson said to TV Line, "Honestly, a big part of it was just, how do we differentiate ourselves from the mothership, give our heroes something to fight against that was more personal to their story and to this new group outside of just Mary and John to tackle for the season?" The Akrida does also raise questions about the multiverse in the world of the "Supernatural." And it might also explain why Dean even appears in "The Winchesters" at all. Actor Jensen Ackles did say "The Winchesters" opens the door for any beloved "Supernatural" characters to appear again. Maybe some multiverse mayhem is the way it goes about it.