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Where Is Mountain Men Actually Filmed?

If you found yourself suddenly needing to live in the middle of the wilderness, with only the land to survive off of — free of all electronics and the food delivery apps that go along with them — do you think you have the skills to handle it? Thanks to History's "Mountain Men," plenty of viewers at home probably think they just might be able to. Thanks to the real-life stars of this popular reality series, survival becomes a little bit more doable. That's because these rugged pioneers featured on the show provide fans with the knowledge of what it takes to not only enjoy the natural elements the Earth has gifted us but how to use them permanently for everyday life. And nowadays, as we're all having to deal with the perpetual stresses of the modern world, for some people, this marriage to nature option becomes more and more attractive.

As much as the stars of "Mountain Men" are fascinating to watch, there is also a costar that, in every episode, steals the show. This essential cast member is the filming location, itself. Without the naturally beautiful areas these tough survivors live off of, there wouldn't be a show. For those who don't know, the 11 seasons of "Mountain Men" have taken viewers to several different spots in North America. After all, these Paul Bunyan types aren't all roommates. There's plenty of space and resources out there to be claimed for their own. For those who want to know exactly where these fascinating people thrive, it's best to focus on each individual's documented storyline.

For fans of the show, one location wasn't enough

For fans of History's "Mountain Men," the backdrop of the multiple North American locations helps make the show as fascinating as it is. With 11 seasons under its belt, the series surely couldn't stay put in one spot. But when looking at where it all started, back in 2012, viewers were first introduced to Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and Marty Meierotto, with each of these men living off the land in their own filming location. Conway's Earth connection takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Oar's up-and-down struggles get tackled in Troy, Montana, while Meierotto continuously roughs it in the remote Two Rivers, Alaska.

After the first season aired, it was clear that "Mountain Men," just like the individuals featured on the show, was definitely going to stick around for a while. And that it has, still providing viewers at home — while safe on their couch — a look at how to survive the wilderness, for over a decade now. And as time goes on, new fascinating outdoorsmen are introduced, along with their own breathtaking locations. For example, with Montana being as beautiful as it is, Madison County also gets attention when following the nature teachings of Rich Lewis. And as new lifestyles are introduced to the show, fans continue to be exposed to stunning areas such as Cimarron, New Mexico, Teton Valley, Idaho, Ashland, Maine, and the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, just to name a few.