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How Noah Centineo Managed To Dislocate His Arm More Than Once On Set Of Black Adam

As the film's promos would have you believe, the long-awaited arrival of "Black Adam" to the DC Universe is set to wholly upend the hierarchy of power therein. It remains to be seen exactly what that means because, well, it's a little bit unclear at the moment which of DC's super-powered players are, or are not still, fixtures in that hierarchy. But if comments made by "Black Adam" headliner Dwayne Johnson in a recent Instagram post are accurate, no Earth-bound being will be able to stand against his seemingly all-powerful anti-hero.

That post naturally has fans believing Johnson's Black Adam may soon be facing off against Henry Cavill's Superman on the big screen. Whether or not that comes to pass in "Black Adam" will remain a mystery until the film debuts. But we do know that Johnson's one-man wrecking crew will battle members of the Justice Society of America in the upcoming film and that one of those members will indeed be the mighty Atom Smasher. The size-shifting super is played in the new movie by rising star Noah Centineo (per The Wrap). And according to the actor, one of the stunts he performed for "Black Adam" actually left him with a twice-dislocated shoulder. 

A stunt scene improv led to Centineo's on-set injury

Centineo talked about the unfortunate injury during a recent interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and told the host it was partly the result of his improvised moment shooting a "Black Adam" action scene. That scene found Centineo's onscreen counterpart Atom Smasher making a mad dash through a crowded street lined with parked cars. As the actor tells Fallon, after a handful of successful takes, the film's director asked for one more, which Centineo said he enthusiastically agreed to because, "You only get to do this so many times, right?"

As he prepped for the last take, he apparently decided to liven things up in a lighthearted way by having the character trip over a car. The improv did not go as planned, with Centineo offering, "So I'm running off the curb, there's a parked car, and I pretend to hit my knee on the parked car. And I like spin around like that hurt, and my arm goes up and dislocates." Centineo continued, adding that he tried to pop his arm back into place himself unsuccessfully.

Even more problematic according to the actor is that the tightness of his superhero costume made it difficult for doctors to help. In the end, the suit had to be cut away from Centineo's body so they could properly tend to his injury. "Thirteen tries later, with a foot in my armpit and a guy pushing from behind it goes back in," Centineo told Fallon. The actor hilariously added he was so elated to be on the mend he threw his hands up in celebration, which promptly dislocated the arm for a second time. Luckily, it popped back into place a little easier this go-round, though the injury will likely have Centineo thinking twice before going off-script during an action scene again.