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Alaskan Bush People Fans Have Strong Feelings About Gabe's Eyeliner In Season 14

If you're watching a series called "Alaskan Bush People," it's highly unlikely you'd expect to see anybody sporting eyeliner. 

"Alaskan Bush People," of course, is one of those unscripted shows that seems as if it may just last forever. This Discovery series — which first aired in 2014 and is now in its 14th season — follows the Brown family, made up of multiple generations choosing to pick up their bootstraps and live off the land, often eschewing modern conveniences to put their instincts to the test. One recent twist in the show, though, has been inspiring some pretty strong reactions from fans, and that's the fact that cast member Gabe Brown has changed his look by wearing the aforementioned eyeliner. 

On the series, he's been seen with eyeliner no matter the situation, whether he's just chatting to the camera or chopping down trees, and viewers won't stop talking about it. Cast member Raiven Adams even took to defending Gabe from commenters on social media. Other than fans simply addressing their surprise at Gabe's new look, though, plenty of viewers also have questions and theories about why, exactly, this eyeliner is anywhere to be found on "Alaskan Bush People." 

Fans don't know why Gabe Brown is wearing eyeliner

"Alaskan Bush People" has changed up its setting over the years it's been on, with fans seeing the show's cast survive in places like Alaska and Washington. Cast member Bear Brown revealed that the family had lost its home in the Washington fires in 2020, per New York Daily News. And in the "Alaskan Bush People" Season 14 premiere, Gabe Brown helps in cutting down trees to help in the family's rebuilding efforts. At one point, the pair go to get help cutting the trees up, and Gabe's eyeliner is noted. "You're wearing eyeliner," Gabe is told, to which he just replies, "Yup." 

That was that, but fans still have plenty of thoughts.

"Does Gabe have on eyeliner?!! Not very bush like! Or is that the latest fashion statement for the bush?!!" fan @FeliciaHardcas2 tweeted. "Looks like Gabe is ready for Halloween," user @marie5253 wrote. "Best part of the show," user @spasley74 added about the moment Gabe's eyeliner was actually acknowledged. 

In a Reddit thread on the subject, some fans noted Gabe often posts eyeliner pictures on Instagram (as seen in the photo above), while others threw out theories that he was suddenly embracing a goth look, or perhaps going through heavy emotions and using fashion as a way to process his feelings. It's worth noting, in fact, that some viewers were actually all for Gabe's new look, such as Redditor u/Tight_Bandicoot4260, who wrote, "He just looks tuff as f*** and rock n roll... have you never seen their leather trench coats??"