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Physical Season 3 - What We Know So Far

The following article contains content regarding disordered eating.

The dismantling of nostalgia has arrived, and it's on AppleTV+. While series like "Stranger Things" delves deep into their love of the 1980s, dance aerobics series "Physical" has other plans. Starring Rose Byrne as a housewife looking to build a dance aerobics empire, the series investigates the seedy underbelly of San Diego at the time. Season 1 of the series showed steady results, while according to IndieWire, Season 2 was much more successful. The outlet commended Byrne's performance in the sophomore season and the more accomplished storytelling. It seems that for "Physical," things are only on an upswing. While still relatively close to the finale of Season 2, fans of "Physical" got news that they have been waiting for.

"The feedback we've received from audiences who continue to discover and feel seen by 'Physical' is the most deeply gratifying experience of my career, and I'm so grateful to our team at Apple and Tomorrow Studios for making this dream a reality," creator Annie Weisman announced in a statement (via Variety). Sheila Rubin (Byrne) will return for more dance, neuroses, and '80s fashion when Season 3 premieres.

What is the plot of Season 3?

With a series steadily increasing in quality, "Physical" has proven that AppleTV+ made all the right moves in betting on the show. Throughout the first two seasons, Sheila battles her inner demons and builds her aerobics empire. The culmination of Season 2 is an excellent segue for what is to come for the next season. And it all has to do with Sheila's recovery from disordered eating. As Annie Weisman told Decider, recovery is never easy. That's why Sheila stumbles and falls throughout the series. But while her struggles with eating are a significant part of the character, Weisman also has other plans for the future.

"One thing that we're talking about as we explore the idea of a third season is intimacy," Weisman explained to Variety. "And not just with friends, but in romantic relationships. It's the idea of how desire and appetite are connected. As we get the chance to explore the story more, it gets more and more away from just the idea of a relationship to food and more about relationships to desire and connection to the body."

If you need help with an eating disorder or know someone who is, help is available. Visit the National Eating Disorders Association website or contact NEDA's Live Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. You can also receive 24/7 Crisis Support via text (send NEDA to 741-741).

Who is starring in Season 3?

Season 2's conclusion in August still leaves many aspects of the upcoming season shrouded in mystery. But what is not mysterious is who can be expected to return for Season 3. As Annie Weisman has been quite vocal about, Rose Byrne is the shining light of the series. Watching her internal struggles, as well as conflict with her husband Danny (Rory Scovel) and her business, is the show's crux.

"Rose's breathtaking, hilarious and brave performance is the north star on our show's journey of personal empowerment and transformation in '80s Southern California in all its synth-pop, sun-baked, spandex-clad glory," Weisman stated regarding the show's renewal (via Apple). And with the stakes higher than ever, there are some familiar faces who we can expect to come back. Now that Sheila has started being honest with her husband, Danny will play a prime role in the future. Also on the docket for a return is Della Saba as Sheila's adversary Bunny and Lou Tyler Pucci as Bunny's paramore. Greta (Dierdre Friel) has also been a treasured part of the season, and with Weisman promising that relationships will be at the forefront next season, her friendship with Sheila is sure to be featured.

When is Season 3 being released?

Since its premiere in 2021, "Physical" has been kept on a consistent schedule. Season 1 of the aerobics-centered series aired in June of that year, and almost like clockwork, the second season was released almost exactly a year later (via IMDb). With its aspirational quality, bright colors, and California beaches, "Physical" seems like a show created to air in the summer. Sheila laments the loss of the coastline due to malls being built, a type of storyline that wouldn't translate as well in the dead of winter. If history indicates, Season 3 is likely to air in the warm weather.

Though an official release date has yet to be determined, fans shouldn't count on the upcoming season to arrive this year. The announcement for the show's renewal only came in August of 2022, meaning filming has yet to commence. But once it does, it is more than likely that "Physical" will reach screens no later than 2023.

Who will be running Season 3?

From the very first episode, the personal perspective of "Physical" oozes from the screen. Trigger warnings crop up before episodes, making it clear that this won't be the easiest show to watch. Sheila's obsessive and addictive qualities make the series unlike anything else on television, thanks to creator Annie Weisman. While disordered eating is not a new concept on television, it is treated with sometimes painful specificity that comes directly from the executive producer.

"For me, since it's so much about my own experience, we talked a lot about how to represent the behavior and the feelings with honesty and sensitivity," Weisman stated in an exclusive interview with Refinery29. "I felt really strongly that I wanted it to feel accurate in a way I hadn't seen it portrayed before." Sheila's struggles aren't glamorized in any way and are punctuated with a constant self-deprecating internal monologue. Weisman's transparency about her history with disordered eating makes Sheila's experiences hit on a deep level and her attempts to recover even more significant (via Vanity Fair). The producer's dedication to creating a show accurate to many people's experiences is a triumph in filmmaking and makes the upcoming season even more exciting.

Where can you catch up on Physical?

It may be some time before fans can see the next chapter in Sheila's journey, but that leaves even more time to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2. With fashionably short seasons and only 30-minute episodes, it is even easier to consume the entirety of "Physical." The show joins the ranks of critically acclaimed series such as "Severance" and "Ted Lasso," and all fans need is a subscription to AppleTV+. There is an excellent reason to subscribe if you haven't yet. After a solid first season, "Physical" gets more ambitious and impressive with each episode.

"Getting an opportunity to jump in again with season two was exciting because we spent so much of season one tracking all of her internal struggles," Annie Weisman told Forbes about the most recent season. "It was finally a chance to see her get a little bit of success and then start to take on these outer demons and go after the bigger obstacles in her path toward becoming a female entrepreneur." With "Physical" reaching such critical heights, hopes are high for Season 3.