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The Midnight Club Won't Have Answers About Season 2 For Quite Some Time

"The Midnight Club" is the latest horror series to hit Netflix just in time for the Halloween season. Horror icon Mike Flanagan created the show with Leah Fong. Flanagan's made a new name for himself on the streaming platform, bringing horror masterpieces "The Haunting of Hill House," "The Haunting of Bly Manor," and "Midnight Mass" to Netflix. He's also directed his fair share of horror movies, including "Oculus," "Hush," and "Doctor Sleep." Flanagan's next project, "The Fall of the House of Usher," premieres next year. 

"The Midnight Club" adapts the novel of the same name, written by Christopher Pike. The show follows a group of terminally ill teenagers at Brightcliffe Home, a hospice specializing in caring for young adults. As tradition, the teens meet every night at midnight to share scary stories. They also share a pact: when one of them dies, that person will attempt to contact the group from beyond the grave.  

The series premiered on October 7, and, like most of Flanagan's work, critics quickly met the show with praise. It currently has an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Variety said it features the best of Mike Flanagan's style, using horror as an accent to an overall character-driven story. It even made headlines after the first episode set a new world record.  

Given the quick success of "The Midnight Club," fans would think a second season is an easy decision — but Flanagan revealed that it'd take some time for Netflix to decide on the show's future. 

Fans should get an update on The Midnight Club's future in about a month

Show creator Mike Flanagan recently sat down with Variety to discuss "The Midnight Club." The spoiler-filled interview went in-depth on many of the mysteries, twists, and Easter eggs throughout the show's first season. When reporters shifted the topic to a potential Season 2, Flanagan had an indirect but hopeful response. 

"This was designed to be ongoing. I don't know if it will," the director said. "We'll see how it goes and we probably won't know for another month or so what Netflix wants to do. But it was very much designed to continue." 

Flanagan continued by saying that "The Midnight Club" author Christopher Pike wrote way more books than the show's first season covered, 80 in total. So if Netflix were to renew the show for a second season, there would be plenty of source material for the series to adapt. Flanagan hopes the series gets another season, but in the case that it doesn't, he assured fans that the mysteries in "The Midnight Club" wouldn't go unanswered, saying he'd put them up on Twitter so that fans could discuss them there. 

Although Flanagan is the mastermind behind some of Netflix's best horror projects, he has yet to create a series that set out to have numerous seasons, with most of his work revolving around miniseries. "The Haunting of Bly Manor" was the follow-up to "The Haunting of Hill House" and featured many returning actors, but the stories weren't connected, and the actors all played new roles for "Bly Manor." It'll be interesting to see how Flanagan handles a multi-season series, assuming Netflix decides to renew "The Midnight Club." 

"The Midnight Club" is streaming now on Netflix.