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What Does My Hero Academia's Invisible Girl Hagakure Actually Look Like Without Her Quirk?

"My Hero Academia" is one of the most popular anime shows around. Marrying the worldwide cultural obsession with superhero stories and some absolutely incredible animation, the series has had six successful seasons thus far, as well as three feature films. Even with over 100 episodes, though, the series shows no signs of slowing down any time soon (via Parrot Analytics).

Based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi, "My Hero Academia" takes place in a superhuman society where 80% of humanity has developed Quirks. Many of these superpowers range from old standards like flight or superspeed, but occasionally, they get a little stranger, like Hanta Sero (Kiyotaka Furushima), who has tape coming out of his arms, or Minoru Mineta (Ryo Hirohashi), who grows sticky purple globs of goo on his head.

However, one of the strangest power sets in "My Hero Academia" belongs to Toru Hagakure (Kaori Nazuka), who is permanently invisible. Though invisibility is another standard superpower in comic books, what makes Hagakure unique is that viewers have never seen what she looks like in the anime series at all.

Hagakure appeared visible in a risque cover photo

As with invisible characters in "The Invisible Man" or "Hollow Man," Hagakure is only truly invisible if she's naked. For this reason, she often wears a school uniform or gloves so that her friends in Class 1-A know where she is. However, Hagakure is not above disrobing completely in order to get the jump on an opponent or competitor. Still, since fans of "My Hero Academia" have never seen her without her powers, they might find themselves wondering what she looks like.

Though Hagakure's face was briefly visible in an issue of the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, that was all fans had to go off of until the character was revealed in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, where "My Hero Academia" has long been serialized (via Sportskeeda). Suffice it to say that the image is more than a little risque, as it shows Hagakure totally nude and in the flesh with only small bits of tape covering her.

While anime has long come under fire for sexualizing underage characters, as many anime take place in high school, this panel is particularly egregious and controversial as a result. Still, if you've ever wondered what the character actually looks like, this is by far the closest you're going to get for now.