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The Major Character Reveals In The Picard NYCC 2022 Teaser Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Every year, New York Comic Con offers interesting glimpses into the not-so-distant future of entertainment. This year, "Star Trek" fans have more than a little to be happy about, thanks to a new teaser trailer for the upcoming "Star Trek: Picard" Season 3. It's impressive enough that the late-game return of arguably the best captain of USS Enterprise has reached its third season, but the new teaser seems to hint that the upcoming batch of episodes will give fans even more things we want to see in "Star Trek: Picard."

The brand new New York Comic Con teaser for the new "Picard" season (via YouTube) revolves around a shocking distress call Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) receives from Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), and an extra-threatening villain known as Vadic (Amanda Plummer). However, that's just the beginning of Picard's troubles this time around. Even by "Star Trek: Picard" standards, there are some extremely intriguing character reveals here, and they have fans all saying the same thing.

Moriarty and Lore are back, and fans are going wild

"Greetings, old friends," Professor James Moriarty (Daniel Davis) makes his grand entrance in the teaser, armed with a smirk, an icy-cold stare, and a gun. The hologram Sherlock Holmes villain from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" isn't the only bad guy from the show to reemerge in the "Star Trek: Picard" Season 3 teaser, either. Just when you thought everything was over, Lore (Brent Spiner) stares down the heroes with an extremely unamused look on his face. 

Fans have reacted to the news of the villains' return with a combination of surprise and delighted intrigue. "That was a TNG villain I would have never guessed about coming back at this point," redditor u/RealHumanFromEarth wrote about Moriarty. "Moriarty is my favorite character from Star Trek so you can only imagine my reaction when he appeared. I would have never expected that," u/NeededMonster agreed. Lore drew similar comments from fans. "I called 'where is Lore' before the first season came out...didn't think it would actually pan out," u/viewtifulblue wrote.  

Other corners of the internet also took note of the villain reveals. "Holy s***. Moriarty and Lore. Hopefully this will be the send off the TNG crew so rightly deserves," YouTube commenter Michael Dawson wrote. Meanwhile, Twitter user @JamesPhi44 couldn't hide their exclamation mark-heavy excitement. "O.M.G!!!!!! Just watched the trailer for Picard season 3 ! Moriarty & Lore are back!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!" they wrote, with fellow Twitter users like @chrisweddle, @CCH_1980, and @doublemacc all expressing plenty of interest in the two villains' comeback. 

Moriarty and Lore are classic The Next Generation villains

Both returning villains have deep ties to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" protagonists. The "Star Trek" version of James Moriarty is actually a highly ambitious hologram that was originally created by Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), but soon becomes a self-aware bad guy. Meanwhile, Lore is Data's (Brent Spiner) fellow Soong-type android who's ... well, significantly less friendly than his more famous compatriot. 

While neither Moriarty nor Lore are one-and-done villain of the week types, they both have but a small handful of episodes under their belts — two for Moriarty, and four for Lore. As such, they're both known enemies that longtime fans can get excited about, yet easily deep enough cuts to offer all sorts of fascinating options for "Picard" Season 3. Judging by their ominous stares in the trailer, everyone who gets in their way is definitely in for a deliciously bad time.   

The return of these old villains continues "Picard's" all but stated mission to revisit the vast majority of "The Next Generation" characters, minor and major alike — and in Lore's case, Spiner's continued tendency to constantly portray new characters in the show. How the evil android and the hologram Napoleon of Crime fit in the grand scheme of things remains to be seen, but fans can already rest assured that "Picard" Season 3 will feature a pretty neat rogues gallery.