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Moonhaven Season 2 - What We Know So Far

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There are several binge-worthy sci-fi shows to choose from, and new titles from the out-of-this-world genre keep getting released, adding more options for fans to marathon endlessly. One particular program, "Moonhaven," has been making some noise in the science fiction department looking to be recognized as yet another series that viewers feel compelled to watch from start to finish.

It's never been a more beneficial time to be a fan of dystopic sci-fi television, and out of the many excellent examples available, "Moonhaven" offers a unique storyline brought to life by a talented cast. There is plenty to enjoy from the AMC sci-fi drama, which Variety called "a surprisingly fun show with a tight, brisk narrative that lends each of the six episodes an electrifying cliffhanger." And there is apparently more to come from "Moonhaven."

A week before the final episode of "Moonhaven" Season 1 was released, AMC Networks announced that the series had not only become their No. 1 most watched title, but it had also been one of the most watched shows AMC+ has ever put out. But there was more than just praise and accomplishments thrown around in the statement. The news fans hoped to hear had arrived, and "Moonhaven" Season 2 was officially revealed to be in the works. Here is what has been learned so far about the sophomore set of entries.

What is the plot of Moonhaven Season 2?

The final moments of the exhilarating Season 1 finale of "Moonhaven" left things wide open for a follow-up set of entries, and the world the show has successfully built so far has plenty of room for expansion. It will be rather intriguing to witness what the future of the AMC series will have in store for fans and where the fascinating story will lead. Unfortunately, when the announcement was made about the show being renewed for another installment, nothing about the potential plot of Season 2 was mentioned.

However, showrunner Peter Ocko did unveil to IndieWire his intentions for Season 2 of "Moonhaven" in a postmortem interview about the Season 1 finale. "We don't want to just pick up the story exactly where it left off," he said. I want to feel that when we're in Season 2, we're with our characters we love, but this is a new chapter. Thematically, the problems haven't changed. We've got a team that's gone back to Earth and is now marooned, but they have with them IO's technology. It's not about a bunch of softies who are now going to get overrun by the walking dead. It's a group of technologically advanced humans who have come back and are still intent on pursuing that goal of making things better."

The talented minds behind the show's efforts to continue the story in a refreshing manner while offering something new could very well result in an entertaining experience for fans when they finally get to watch "Moonhaven" Season 2.

Who is starring in Moonhaven Season 2?

Emma McDonald stars in "Moonhaven" as Bella Sway, the cargo pilot that gets stranded on the lunar utopia. Alongside her in the cast is actor Dominic Monaghan, whom she told PussPussMagazine.com was a"joy to work with and learn from." Monaghan, who will be reprising his role as Detective Paul Sarno, posted his excitement to Instagram about the chance to work with his fellow castmates, including McDonald, again with "Moonhaven" being renewed for Season 2, saying, "Off to the moon we go again!" And he isn't the only talented cast member of the hit AMC+ series ready to return for a sophomore set of entries.

Ayelet Zuerr, who fans will recognize as Lara Lor-Van in "Man Of Steel," and Vanessa Fisk in "Daredevil," is excited to play Maitee Voss again in Season 2. She told Hollywood Life that the next chapter would be a very eye-opening affair for all the show's main players. "I think once the cat is out of the bag and we know exactly the agenda of each and every person on Moonhaven between Tomm and Indira and Maite and the people who want to protect Moonhaven ... Once that's out, then I would love to see her using her power and not being a soft leader." 

Tomm Schultz, played by "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello, and Indira Mare, played by Amara Kanan from "The Night Of," will also be back in the mix, it seems, and they will apparently be in for a rude awakening when everyone's secrets are spilled. After the finale, it's safe to expect the unexpected when "Moonhaven" returns with its stellar cast for Season 2.

What is the release date for Moonhaven season 2?

The reveal that more episodes from "Moonhaven" are on the way was most assuredly exciting for fans of the first season, and it's probably safe to assume many of them are more than curious about when the next chapter will arrive. While there is no exact date for followers of the AMC sci-fi drama to mark their calendars, a report from Variety indicated that the next six episodes that make up Season 2 will arrive at some point in 2023.

It's pretty clear the powers that be aren't wasting any time getting fans more "Moonhaven," and it seems like AMC is very confident the program will continue to succeed. Dan McDermott, president of entertainment for AMC Studios and AMC Networks, further proved that feeling of certainty, saying, "This is such an engaging and entertaining series, brilliantly conceived and run by Peter. The story is suspenseful, provocative, and prescient and features a phenomenal cast that delivers mesmerizing performances. What Peter and the team are crafting for season two is next level, and the fans will be thrilled."

It seems the wait will be well worth it whenever "Moonhaven" Season 2 decides to touch down on the streamer.

Where you can watch the previous season of Moonhaven

People looking to watch "Moonhaven" for the first time or fans of the show hoping to relive every moment are most assuredly going to need a destination to watch the first season. Luckily they don't have to go to the moon to do so, as the series can be found on streaming.

The streaming service AMC Plus continues to add titles to its ever-expanding library of content. The home of shows like "Pantheon" and "Dark Winds" has a substantial lineup of exclusive titles, and one of those exceptional endeavors subscribers can enjoy is "Moonhaven." The dystopic sci-fi drama is exclusively available on the AMC Networks-owned streamer, and its first season can only be viewed with an active subscription. Customers can either sign up for the AMC Plus app directly or through Amazon Prime and The Roku Channel to watch previous entries from the series.

The first run consists of six episodes with run times ranging from 40 minutes to 62 minutes in length, making it an ideal candidate for a binge session or a perfect program to knock out over the weekend. Either way, there are plenty of reasons for people not to sleep on "Moonhaven" before Season 2 arrives.