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Jake Borelli's Favorite Part Of Playing Levi On Grey's Anatomy

One of the best parts of following a series that has been on the air for as long as "Grey's Anatomy" is that fans can witness all the many friendships, romantic relationships, and enemy clashes that develop over the years. Time (as well as the ongoing need to keep the narrative fresh) can bring the storyline of a fictional relationship to a completely different place later down the line. One of these relationships, between Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli), started off rocky and awkward, but developed into, for many fans of the show, one of the series' most enjoyable friendships.

Back in Season 14, Borelli joined the "Grey's Anatomy" cast, playing the funny, yet sometimes irritating, surgical resident Dr. Levi Schmitt. Not long after, Levi meets Dr. Jo Wilson, which leads to a one-night stand between the two. Of course, fans know that the romance doen't last very long as Levi eventually comes out to Jo as being gay. They later become roommates, and most importantly, develop one of the most delightful friendships on "Grey's Anatomy." For Borelli, it's actually his favorite part of being on the iconic series.

Borelli loves his character's friendship with Dr. Jo Wilson

During a tandem interview with ExtraTV, both Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington expressed how much they enjoy playing besties on "Grey's Anatomy." Borelli even said, "I have to say our friendship is my favorite thing in the entire show. And it's been since day one of me coming in and filming has been our friendship so, it's great." Luddington was in agreement, and expressed her own enjoyment in seeing the characters play off each other, saying, "They're always funny together!"

With many different character connections popping up throughout the hundreds of episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" (including the episodes Ellen Pompeo doesn't appear in), it's always interesting to get the actors' take on these fictional relationships. And in the case of Borelli's love for his character's friendship with Dr. Wilson, that dynamic appears to extend off-camera as well. In 2020, Luddington sat down with BuzzFeed to answer some of the fans' burning questions. When asked if her character's onscreen relationship with Levi bleeds into their offscreen friendship, Luddington said, "I text Jake all the time!" Around that same time, Borelli concurred with her assessment over Twitter, exclaiming, "Uggg I love my scenes with @camilluddington."