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What The Actress Who Plays The Weeper From 2022's Hellraiser Really Looks Like Out Of Costume

The 2022 horror feature "Hellraiser" is yet another horrifying chapter in the long-running franchise, with several nightmare-inducing characters called Cenobites either returning to the fold or making their frightening debut. While Pinhead and Chatterer are some of the more unsettling personalities from the scary series of flicks, new additions like The Weeper are a powerful display of how terrifying the franchise can be.

There have been a vast array of "Hellraiserā€¯ movies over the years, some arguably better than others but all of which have one thing in common. These motion pictures are known for the skin-crawling designs of the Cenobites led by Pinhead. Each title has released these sadistic spine-chilling, hellbound figures into viewers' imaginations, providing plenty of nightmare fuel in the process. The creators behind the critically acclaimed eleventh chapter of "Hellraiser" made sure they had plenty of vile creatures to petrify fans old and new. One excellent example with a stomach-churning design that will probably stick with people long after the credits roll is, without a doubt, The Weeper. While the aesthetics were originally meant to be more heinous for the character (via Dexerto), the final design is as appalling as it is dreadful. It's so creepy that many people may be shocked to see what the actress that plays The Weeper looks like out of costume.

Meet Yinka Olorunnife

Yinka Olorunnife is the beautiful actress that plays the Cenobite, The Weeper, in the 2022 film "Hellraiser." Fans may also recognize her from taking on the starring role and several future versions of that persona in a Super Bowl LVI ad for the company Criteo (via Instagram). According to her website, off camera, the London-based actress has a Doctor of Physiotherapy Degree and has also been a professional basketball player, showing off her skills in countries such as Australia, Spain, and Finland. So far, Olorunnife's most notable film credit is her terrifying turn in the classic horror series (via IMDb).

On the red carpet, she revealed to Screen Rant Plus (via YouTube) that the transformation process to turn the gorgeous actress into The Weeper took about an hour. She also talked about what it was like seeing herself in her full Cenobite get-up for the first time, "It's hard to explain because you were covered from top-to-toe and you're looking in the mirror and you're like, what the heck? You can't believe that it is you because it looks nothing like you. So, I was just fascinated... It's overwhelming, but a good type of overwhelming (via YouTube)." When asked why the stunning Hellraiser star believes the franchise is so iconic, she replied it "pushes boundaries but also excites you, you want to see more (via YouTube)."

It's safe to say she is off to a good start lending her talents to an iconic horror franchise and if she can do that well under all that terror, imagine what she could accomplish when not in Cenobite form. Fans will most assuredly want to see more of the ravishing Yinka Olorunnife after they witness her performance in "Hellraiser."