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The Big Trevor Clue You Likely Missed Early In 2022's Hellraiser

Warning: Contains "Hellraiser" 2022 spoilers.

Sometimes the bad guys in "Hellraiser" films aren't always the ones wrapped in leather or having pieces of metal pushed in and out of their faces. Not at first, anyway. Just like the original, David Bruckner's "Hellraiser" has a couple of ill-intent humans right before they have no face, limbs, or organs where they used to be. Play around with a puzzle box, and that's what you get, folks. In Bruckner's version, one such soured soul that kind of deserves what's coming to them is Trevor (Drew Starkey), the boyfriend of recovering drug addict and puzzle cracker Riley (Odessa A'zion).

After committing a supposed break-in that was far too easy, Riley discovers the mysterious box that should come with intense safety instructions, setting this whole new "Hellraiser" rolling. As is revealed, it turns out Trevor knew about the trinket all along after cutting a deal with the walking alarm clock, Roland Voight (Goran Višnjić). It's a shock that is met with a pretty gruesome outcome for the wrongdoers involved, but upon review, it feels far more noticeable than it was. If only Riley had seen it, too, a nice and honest conversation about bringing beings over from another evil dimension could've gone down, and maybe they would've lived happily ever after. Thanks a lot, Trevor.

Re-investigating the break-in shows Trevor was in cahoots with Roland all along

While Trevor pitches the snatch-and-run job to Riley as a problem solver, hindsight shows he would've actually cared a lot more if it was a legit burglary, as Riley was led to believe. To begin with, Trevor breaks into the warehouse, not wearing gloves and leaving him open to getting linked to the crime. To make matters worse, he's drinking on the job, leaving a beer bottle that screams "DNA," and quickly lining him up with the break-in as well.

Of course, that would all be an issue if it was ever brought to the attention of the police, but leave it to the owner, Roland to brush that all aside in the hope of regaining some nerves. Instead, Riley has a hell of a time getting the Cenobites and its prickly-headed leader off her back before she rips the skin from it. Ultimately, justice is brutally served when Trevor receives the necessary treatment, proving, as always, that men are no good when it comes to inter-dimensional gateways to hellish realms run by demonic gatekeepers.