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Which Shameless Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Drugs, poverty, mental health, and family ties are a few of many themes that run throughout Showtime's "Shameless." For a decade full of unhinged storylines and behavior, the Gallagher family navigated life in the South Side of Chicago while working to ensure they stayed together and out of harm's way. "Shameless" ran for 11 seasons, making it through characters leaving, babies being born, struggles with money, and constant torment from Frank, the Gallagher patriarch. But there weren't always hardships for the characters — there were also lot of laughs, achievements, love, and overwhelming friendship. The show really teaches the audience the importance of valuing the ones you love no matter how hard times get.

What makes "Shameless" so special is the cast of characters. The Gallagher family members are the main focus, along with their neighbors Kevin and Veronica and the Milkovich family, but every character is so different — and brings something special to the relationship between the SouthSiders. There are strong friendships like Fiona and Vee, romantic flings like Fiona's various love interests, and relationships that ground the show, like Mickey and Ian or Vee and Kev. But most compelling are the dynamics between the Gallagher family, and how the children try to rectify the dysfunction.

But have you ever wondered which "Shameless" character you're most like? Everyone has their favorite, but based on your zodiac sign, your character alignment might differ. Read on to find out which "Shameless" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Frank

First on the list is Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), the secretly sensitive but outwardly rebellious air sign. Aquarius signs are all about the mind, focusing on intellectual and social topics that make them want to start a revolution. They're always finding some new humanitarian topic to fixate on and will passionately talk your ear off about their current social or political focus. Though they seem strong and self-assured, they have a softer side that needs more nurturing than it typically gets. They also have a deep connection to their community.

This is Frank Gallagher to a tee. Frank spends his time getting drunk and talking his fellow bargoers' ears off about whatever current political or social affliction he's grappling with. Because of this, Frank finds himself to be the most intellectually advanced person in all of the South Side. Though he often misses the point or thinks with a conservative political mind, he does have deep roots in his community that serve as the reason for his constant outrage. His soft side is one the audience rarely gets to see, but it's there. We see it with his love for Bianca, and with his underlying desire for nurturing from his mother, who never gave him any comfort in his life. Despite his harsh exterior, Frank is very social and always trying to recruit people to his school of thought.

Pisces: Kevin

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) signs are always fighting the barrier between fantasy and reality. They live in the now, taking in every experience and learning from them. Deep down this sign is kind and gentle, and has a sense of ignorance around them that can sometimes spark conflict. Pisces signs are also known for being flaky and will often just believe that hardships will go away on their own. They're very sensitive to every situation, not necessarily meaning they aren't tough, but just meaning they take everything to heart. Often they know more about hardships than they let on because of their clairvoyant nature, but will choose the rose-colored glasses approach to problems.

If anyone has their head in the clouds when it should be grounded in reality, it's Kevin Ball. Kevin knows the realities of the South Side, poverty, and all of the hardships he and Vee have to face — especially when it comes to their children — but he will often choose an optimistic approach or, worse sometimes, use naivety in situations to take himself out of conflict. He can be flaky with his responsibilities in running the bar, but he's so well-intentioned that no one can really blame him. His relationship with Vee also runs so deep in their connection with each other that they're able to make it through any hardship the show throws at them.

Aries: Carl

The bold and ambitious Aries (March 21 – April 19) knows no chill. This sign dives headfirst into life, no matter how challenging the situation. They often don't think it through before making decisions, which sometimes puts them in tough spots. However, it's hard not to forgive or agree with Aries signs because their electric personality balances out their impulsivity. They are self-determined, not looking for success to prove anything to anyone but themselves. Their courage helps them take on any situation and defend their people with a fiery aggression. They live their lives truly and fully with no regrets.

As the most chaotic of the Gallagher siblings, Carl is the clear Aries. He constantly flies off the handle in an aggressive manner to protect his siblings. Younger than most of them, Carl often doesn't think before acting and is incredibly impulsive, but his family knows he acts out of love and his unhinged behavior typically benefits the family as a whole, so he's always forgiven. He lives life like there's no tomorrow, often feeding into his delinquent side. He is always determined, though, to rise above the established standard for Gallagher children, trying to end the pattern of alcohol and drug abuse in his family. No matter how deep in trouble Carl gets, he always finds a way to rise above.

Taurus: Liam

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) signs find themselves thriving in relaxing environments. Tauruses like to be surrounded by soft and soothing vibes at all times. They are drawn away from chaos and toward calm. However, that doesn't mean they're lethargic — Taurus signs know how to work and aren't afraid to dedicate their time and efforts to getting the job done, and they have great ambitions and put all of their focus into achieving what they want. They're money conscious and incredibly resilient. They have a bit of stubbornness that can occasionally get in their way, but they don't let that trait stop them from success.

Liam Gallagher is a unique character because he spends much of the show as a baby with very few lines. As he ages, though, he becomes a much larger part of the show. As a baby, he needs a more relaxed environment that's soothing and calm. As he ages, Liam is the shining star of the Gallagher kids — more relaxed and collected than his siblings, and extremely intelligent. He works hard to create a life for himself through his smarts and is known as the most "normal" of the Gallagher siblings. With everything he's seen and had to deal with, his resilience is ever-present.

Gemini: Jimmy/Steve

Often known for being seen as two-faced, Gemini (May 21 – June 20) signs are the hustlers of the zodiac. This sign is constantly charming others and adding more hobbies, careers, and people to their arsenal. They're socially capable and very witty, making them a chameleon in any group of people. Gemini signs always look for something new to keep them busy and move on from ideas at the drop of a pin. They externally process their emotions and make communication a priority in every situation. It's nearly impossible for a Gemini to be embarrassed because of how fast they move on.

Who's more two-faced in a well-intentioned way than Jimmy Lishman/Steve Wilton? He introduces himself to Fiona as Steve and is her main love interest at the beginning of the show. He's got the mind of a businessman, and makes a lot of money stealing cars. He's always looking for his next hustle and dodging shady characters to continue with his crimes, and when it's discovered that his real name is Jimmy Lishman, he loses Fiona's trust. Jimmy/Steve is emotional to a fault, and always lets himself get swept up in something or someone new because he struggles to settle down. Due to his communication skills and tenacity, though, he always seems to land on his feet — he just has to do it without Fiona at his side.

Cancer: Ian

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) signs are self-protective and sensitive souls, highly intuitive and able to read a room with ease. This sensitivity to their environment causes Cancers to shield themselves, being protective of their emotions so others don't have the chance to hurt them. At first, this makes a Cancer seem aloof or cold. However, once someone gains their trust, they let their guard down and show their deeply compassionate and empathetic nature. Because it takes them so long to trust, Cancers value their emotional attachments and can sometimes be too controlling, but these flaws are outweighed by their loyalty and the strong depth of their connections with others.

Ian Gallagher is without a doubt the most sensitive of the Gallagher siblings. Often unsure of himself, he walks carefully through life in an attempt to shield himself from emotional damage. He struggles with his identity, dealing with his bipolar disorder and with the hardship of coming out as gay to his family. He's very protective of his siblings, particularly the younger ones, and always tries to help them emotionally cope. Other than his family, Ian doesn't form a lot of emotional connections until he starts dating Mickey Milkovich, and the two form a very deep bond. He's got a reserved exterior, but a very sensitive center.

Leo: Debbie

Move over, everyone, here comes a Leo (July 23 – August 22). If there's one thing Leos are known for, it's craving attention. They're lively, passionate people who believe the world is one big stage on which they're meant to shine. That's not to say that they're bad people or fully narcissistic. In fact, they put their whole heart into their passions, particularly in friendships and romances. They're consistent, but ego can be their downfall if they're not careful. Leos are also brave, with an incredible amount of emotional strength that gets them through heartbreak.

If there's any "Shameless" character that believes the world revolves around them, it's Debbie — parental neglect and her big family makes her act out for attention. She's mostly well-intentioned, not developing her sassy attitude until she grows up a bit — and even then, she still carries the kindhearted nature she displayed during early seasons into her adulthood. Debbie is passionate about people — she's the last Gallagher to love Frank before turning on him with the rest of the family. She falls in love easily and quickly, but her true passion is her daughter Franny, whom she gets pregnant with in an attempt to trap her boyfriend Derek and join his family. Debbie is flawed, but ultimately means well.

Virgo: Vee

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) signs are always logical. Every aspect of their life demands a methodical approach with meticulous attention to detail as they strive for perfection. Virgos take pride in being able to clearly process information, no matter how confusingly it's presented to them. This sign is also always compassionate, gentle, and very supportive to the people they hold dear. Because they're so resourceful, Virgos are always problem-solving for their loved ones and looking to fix broken systems in the world.

Who better to represent the Virgo than the brilliant and tough Veronica Fisher? The illustrious Vee is the resident nurse of the friend group, always using her skills to keep her friends safe and healthy and decrease their hospital bills. She's the brains behind the Alibi Room bar operation, and Kevin is the brawn. She's always doing what is necessary to keep business afloat and stays very grounded in reality while Kevin lets his head drift in the clouds. She can compartmentalize emotions and reality so much that she even enlists her mom to serve as the surrogate mother to her baby with Kevin. Despite her practical approach, she's very supportive of the people she cares about.

Libra: Fiona

Libra (September 23 – October 22) signs are known for being the parental friend of the group: They look for ways to create peace among their people, are incredibly nurturing, and they do what they can to orchestrate an environment that makes people happy. Libra signs operate on a "we" not "me" basis. They are also known for being particular about their partners, specifically searching for people who are attractive arm candy. They often stray from the boundaries of their relationship, however, seeking attention from others. Libras are easily tempted in lots of situations and need to remember to appreciate what's important in the rare times they choose their own happiness.

Fiona is the Gallagher family mom, for all intents and purposes. She takes care of her siblings emotionally and financially in the absence and neglect of their parents. She's constantly putting her family first, doing whatever it takes to keep the peace and give them a good life with what little they have. In the rare times she does choose herself and her own happiness, it's to engage in romantic relationships with men who are not only attractive but rebellious, which makes her feel alive. Often, no matter how happy she is, she self-sabotages over temptation from other men — although all of this is forgiven because of how selfless she is toward her family.

Scorpio: Svetlana

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) signs are passionate and powerful, incredibly intuitive, and often a mystery because they spend most of their time reading other people, and don't leave much room for opening up to others. Scorpio is the sign most associated with sex, which they use not only for pleasure but for finding physical closeness and intimacy. Scorpios struggle to find a medium between their good and bad moods. When they're happy they're ambitious and enthralling; when they're upset, they become controlling, vicious forces that aren't to be messed with.

Svetlana is the physical embodiment of a Scorpio. She's persuasive and powerful in every scenario and she reads everyone around her without fail, but doesn't let anyone in. She's ambitious, opting to help Vee with running the mother's milk business in the bar and then eventually helping Kevin and Vee run the bar itself. She's savvy and knows how to play people to get what she wants. She's a positive presence for who are in her corner, but for those who are against her, Svetlana has unbridled rage. 

Finally, Svetlana is also the most outwardly sexual of any "Shameless" character. She's extremely comfortable in her body, sleeps with any gender, and even engages in a polyamorous relationship with Kevin and Vee.

Sagittarius: Mickey

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) is unlike any other zodiac sign because they are so unpredictable in their blend of traits. Sagittariuses are not afraid of anything, typically seeking out tough information in ways and areas other signs wouldn't dare. This sign is extremely adaptable and is always looking for change from their current situation; Sagittariuses need a lot of freedom, and chase after adventure. They're often very funny but blunt, and their brutal honesty can cause problems in their personal lives. Fortunately, Sagittariuses are also known for not taking anything too seriously or to heart.

Sagittarius is the perfect sign for the always real — and always aggressive — Mickey Milkovich. He's very complex and often hard to understand, which perfectly describes the many dynamically blended traits that the Sagittarius is known for. Though he's always brutally honest, and sometimes blunt to a fault, he's always looking for ways to develop himself and stay true to his roots while deviating from the person his father was.

Capricorn: Lip

Capricorns (December 22 – January 19) are ambitious, resilient, and wildly tenacious. They're very put together and intelligent people, but have a rebellious spirit that comes out periodically. Capricorns can seem closed off at first, but it's only because they need to feel comfortable with someone before revealing their true selves. Capricorns exist in the big picture and are very particular about achieving long-term goals. Sometimes this makes them seem cold or cutthroat, but that's only because they don't let anything stand in the way of their achievements. Capricorns will always feel like time is their number one enemy when trying to get something done.

Who better to fit this hard-working yet secretly rebellious sign than Lip Gallagher? As the second oldest Gallagher child, he feels a personal responsibility to help Fiona take care of the family. He's driven with his academics, and uses it to try to help. He can come across like a loner, but that's just because it takes a lot to get him to trust someone. He's practical in his long-term goal setting, but he also has a criminal record, underscoring that aforementioned rebellious spirit.