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Bill Hader Is An Assassin With A Dream In New Barry Trailer

Bill Hader is an assassin who wants out of the business in the newest trailer for his upcoming HBO comedy series Barry. The show will star Hader as the titular hitman, who, after an assignment in Los Angeles, decides that he wants to get out of the game and pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

The trailer kicks off by introducing Barry, who says that he's good at one thing– "killing people." "It's a job," he says. "Money's good. But lately that depressed feeling is back." In an effort to help him combat this, his boss Fuches (Stephen Root) suggests a trip to sunny Los Angeles, where he follows his latest target to an acting class led by Henry Winkler's Gene Cousineau.

Barry ends up doing a scene in the acting class, later telling Fuches that he was "really good." (He was not.) "What about what we do together, Barry?" Fuches asks him. "Remember how we're talking all the time about my purpose?" Barry counters. "You think acting could be your purpose?" Fuches questions. "All I want is to take this class," Barry says. "Why can't I do both things?"

The series' cast also includes Anthony Carrigan, Golan Pazar, Marcus Brown, Alejandro Furth, Paula Newsome, and John Pirruccello. The series, which is directed and co-written by Hader alongside Seinfeld's Alec Berg, will debut on March 25 on HBO.