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Bill Hader Is An Assassin In Teaser For HBO's Barry

Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader has a hit to carry out in the first teaser trailer for HBO's upcoming series Barry. The show stars Hader as (you guessed it) Barry, an assassin who considers giving up the game when he discovers his passion for acting while on an assignment in Los Angeles.

The teaser doesn't get to Barry's interest in acting until the end, at first focusing on his notoriety as a hitman. "What you need is a world-class assassin," a bloody Fuches (Stephen Root) suggests to NoHo (Anthony Carrigan), a man who needs some "personal matters" taken care of in a way that is separate from his business. Fuches says that he happens to be very close with one– Barry, who, from the ensuing clips of various characters saying his name, appears to be in high demand.

Although Barry seems to take well to his career as an assassin, he is less adapt at acting, with his failed attempt at storming on to alert his co-star Sally (Sarah Goldberg) that the queen is dead providing a comedic capper to the end of the teaser. "I'm sorry, I just got lines," he says timidly to the director.

Barry also stars Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, Barry's inspiring acting teacher and Glenn Fleshler as Golan Pazar, a Czechen ganger. The show's cast also includes Marcus Brown, Alejandro Furth, Paula Newsome, and John Pirruccello. The series, which is directed and co-written by Hader alongside Seinfeld's Alec Berg, will debut in the spring of 2018 on HBO.