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The Clever Way Blue Bloods Season 13 Will Fix A Longstanding Plot Hole

After Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) joined "Blue Bloods" in Season 4 as Jamie Reagan's (Will Estes) partner, it was clear the two were drawn to each other on a deeper level. They finally got married in Season 9, much to the excitement of fans. 

In an interview with Watch Magazine (via Outsider), both actors were asked if it was told to them that their characters were going to fall in love, and Estes explained, "One of the oddities of television is that sometimes performances dictate the story. It's a create-as-you-go format. So certainly the writers wrote it, but if we were horrible together they wouldn't have written it. Us having a great time together helped." Ray also added that many of their real-life conversations have actually ended up in the script.

However, this huge step for the couple was always thought to be impossible because spouses are not supposed to work together, yet Eddie and Jamie still work in the same precinct, even though they are no longer partners on the job. Well, it seems the show is finally about to fix that plot hole in a big way.

Jamie's getting a promotion

During an interview with TVLine, Showrunner Kevin Wade revealed that one half of Jamko will be changing jobs. "They have a new commanding officer this season, who as soon as she sees them says, 'One of you is going to transfer by the end of the day.'" While that might seem pretty final in terms of a decision, fans do not have to worry, becasue the two somehow have fate on their side, and the show will avoid one of them having to leave. 

Sgt. McNichols ends up coming up with an alternative way to solve the problem: Jamie will become a Field Information Officer for their precinct. So what exactly does that mean for the character? "He's not in uniform and he's not at the morning rollout and all that stuff," Wade explained. He continues to describe the new job as "an interesting bit of diplomacy and hard-nosed policing, and a fishing expedition."

So with this promotion, it looks like Jamie will be able to continue to work in the same precinct as Eddie for the time being. Season 13 of "Blue Bloods" premieres on Friday, October 7 at 10 PM ET/PT.