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Blue Bloods' Vanessa Ray Compares The Show To Cinderella

"Blue Bloods" is currently going into Season 13, and one has to wonder, what keeps audiences coming back season after season for so long? Vanessa Ray, who portrays Eddie, has an idea. "We have this anchor of this family dinner that I think is the heart, that's the bread and butter of the show. That's what makes people keep coming back because they're like, 'I know that no matter what chaos is happening, I can see these people sit down, fight it out, make a joke, tell funny stories about their first kisses,' like all those kinds of things that you have as a family," the actress told The Nerds of Color in an interview.

It's no secret that family is truly the core of "Blue Bloods," but outside of the Reagan clan, fans have fallen in love with many of the dynamics between characters on the show, specifically the different partnerships. The excitement was real when Eddie and Jamie (Will Estes) finally gave in to their feelings after dancing around them for so long, eventually getting married. So how does their epic love story make the show comparable to "Cinderella?"

Why Eddie's story is similar to Cinderella

"We really take a hard look at what good they're doing, why they got into police work in the first place, if they're serving their community in a way that they hoped that they would. This is sort of like the second half of Cinderella," Ray told CBS News. "You go to the ball you think you're gonna fall in love, you're gonna go change the world, you're gonna make the world a better place. Then after going to the ball, you're like oh so this is the ball, this is a pretty intense place to navigate."

While the comparison might seem like an odd one, it does actually make sense when you think about it. A police officer is meant to serve and protect; their goal to put the bad guys away and keep the world safe. At first, that might seem clear and even easy, but when you do take on the role, it's a whole different story. After joining in Season 4, we've seen Eddie grow, fall in love with her partner, do whatever she can to fight for victims, and try to make the world a better place however she can.

And at least during her wedding episode with Jamie Reagan, she got a little piece of her happily ever after.