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How Did Black Clover Character Luck Get The Name Cheery Berserker?

Writer and illustrator Yūki Tabata unveiled his manga series "Black Clover" to the world in 2015, welcoming readers into a world of magic, action, and more. The story focuses on a kid named Asta, who, in a world full of people with incredible abilities, lacks any kind of magic. Nevertheless, he makes up for this by undergoing extensive physical training and harnessing Anti-Magic in hopes of one day becoming the next Wizard King. Unsurprisingly, achieving his goal has proven no easy feat as he's encountered numerous personal obstacles and enemies seeking to prevent his ascent.

A mere few years after "Black Clover" arrived in print, an anime adaptation followed in 2017 to bring Tabata's fantastical creation to a new medium. Not only did it hope to keep longtime readers engaged, but it sought to welcome in those who were previously strangers to the franchise. In four (potentially to be five) seasons, it accomplished both goals to some extent, thanks to a handful of factors. Arguably the most important of which is the cast of intriguing characters, including Asta (Dallas Reid), Mimosa Vermillion (Brynn Apprill), and numerous others.

Among the many notable names to feature on "Black Clover" is Luck Voltia (Justin Briner): a skilled and incredibly fast combatant who utilizes Lightning Magic to defeat his opponents and has been dubbed "The Cheery Berzerker." Here's how he got this nickname.

Luck's combined smiliness and excessive violence spawned the nickname

During a Q&A session with Quancredible, "Black Clover" creator Yūki Tabata shed some light on Luck Voltia's "Cheery Berzerker" nickname. According to him, it stems from Luck's performance in his Magic Knights entrance exam, where he almost killed someone during the combat test. That answers the "berzerker" portion of the alias, but where does the "cheery" part come from? Well, one of Luck's defining traits is that he's almost constantly smiling, no matter the scenario finds himself in. Therefore, it stands to reason that as he beat his opponent within an inch of their life, he had a grin plastered across his face.

Despite his frankly scary abilities and overly-happy demeanor, Luck has caught on as a favorite among "Black Clover" fans. In fact, Reddit user u/Fennekin12062022 ran a poll that asked fans of the show what they think of Luck, and the results clearly skewed in one direction. Of the roughly 2,000 votes received, only 15 of those voters consider him awful, 32 think he's bad, and 509 are on the fence. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 individuals think he's good, and 258 would name him their favorite character. The comment section below the poll leans in Luck's favor as well. 

Luck Voltia, aka "The Cheery Berzerker," is a popular yet flawed character who has left an impression on most "Black Clover" fans. Whether that impression is positive or negative clearly varies from person to person, though most have come to appreciate him for one reason or another.