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Whatever Happened To Ice Road Truckers Star Lisa Kelly's Dog?

Lisa Kelly became an instant favorite during her time on "Ice Road Truckers." From her debut in Season 3 of the hit History Channel reality show through its fifth season, she was the only female cast member. Winter road trucking is a male-dominated industry, and from her first scene Kelly proved she could handle the demanding and dangerous job just as well as any of the men on the show.

This isn't to say that being on "Ice Road Truckers" didn't take a toll. Kelly took a break from the show's sixth season, reportedly due to how overwhelming the constant coverage of her life had become (via HotCars.com). She returned for Season 7.

Between the demands of her actual job and the demands of filming, wanting to take a break is understandable. So are other moves that might help a driver fight the pressures of driving a massive rig on some of the world's most dangerous routes with a camera in your face.

Which is why when Lisa Kelly found a dog during her journey through the Himalayas on "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads," she decided she needed a companion. But the dog, Rampur Jackson, was not in subsequent seasons.

Rampur Jackson was adopted by another family

Rampur was a good boy, and a good companion to Lisa and her assistant Tashi during their journey through some of the Himalayas' most treacherous roads. Fans loved him too. Then, the next season, he was gone. Given the danger of "Ice Road Truckers," not to mention TV shows' timeworn penchant for traumatizing us with stories of dead pets (via Entertainment Weekly), it seems understandable that some would assume the worst.

As it turns out, though, Rampur Jackson was just adopted by another family. Why Lisa decided to give him away isn't clear, though it isn't unlikely that the demanding schedule after she returned to "Ice Road Truckers" played a role. According to HotCars.com, Rampur was adopted by one of the show's producers, and lives happily in California.

Kelly, meanwhile, has lived a relatively low-key life since the end of "Ice Road Truckers," preferring to stay out of the public eye. She has, however, made it a point to make sure fans know of the happy end to Rampur's story, even penning a short book titled "Whatever Happened to Rampur Jackson?"