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The She's All That Star You Forgot Appeared On Criminal Minds

As a child model, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was a show business veteran even before she started appearing in film and television. Eventually, she discovered she enjoyed acting far more than modeling because she could have more creative control over her own performances (via Movie Mom).

In between seasons of "Nash Bridges," playing Cassidy, Nash's (Don Johnson) daughter (IMDb), O'Keefe also was "mean girl" Taylor Vaughan in the '90s teen classic "She's All That." O'Keefe looks back on the film fondly. She had trouble pulling off the character's cruel pranks on Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook), telling Us Weekly, "My hands were shaking so hard before I had to do that. And I was like ... 'You have to pour this drink on her, and do it in a mean way. It has to look good.'" She finally got the take but told the same magazine, "But at the same time [sic] still felt bad for pouring a drink on my friend."

O'Keefe has been a regular on successful series such as "Prison Break" and "Hit The Floor." She also guest starred on this unusual "Criminal Minds" episode.

O'Keefe played a dedicated FBI agent on an episode of Criminal Minds

While the BAU team on "Criminal Minds" typically investigates serial killers, in the Season 2 episode "P911," the group aids another FBI unit in stopping a child abductor. The episode starts when FBI Agent Amanda Gilroy (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) discovers that Peter (Michael Len), a boy who went missing some time ago, may still be alive but is now being auctioned off in a predatory chatroom. With Gilroy's information, Special Agent Katie Cole (Mary Page Keller), Gilroy's supervisor at the Crimes Against Children unit, asks the BAU to help save Peter from his captor.

Special Agent Cole has a bigger presence in the episode overall, especially because Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) notices her character's increasing strain as she investigates the case. Yet Agent Gilroy is equally as sincere and committed to her work as the other characters in the FBI unit. Despite several obstacles and with the help of the BAU team, Cole and Gilroy are able to locate Peter and save him from further abuse and harm. 

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