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Here's How You Can Watch Marcel The Shell With Shoes On At Home

Welcome home, Marcel.

A24 has become a brand in its own right, boasting a cult-like following amongst cinephiles. Thanks to award-winning projects like "Moonlight" and "Lady Bird," the company has become a legitimate player in the theatrical market. A valuation in 2021 saw the studio valued at roughly $3 billion, with that number likely higher due to their growth in output (via Variety). The 2020s have been particularly great for the studio thanks to films like the Oscar-winning "Minari," Apple TV+'s "The Tragedy of Macbeth," the horror sensation "X," and its sequel, "Pearl."

2022 alone has seen several favorites from the studio emerge, including "Everything Everywhere All At Once," which has grossed over $100 million worldwide, making it their highest-grossing film to date (perĀ The Numbers). While the aforementioned multiversal romp, "Bodies Bodies Bodies," and the upcoming "The Whale" have dominated the conversation this year, many seem to have forgotten about the studio's animated gem "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On."

Described by /Film's Jacob Hall as "a cute, sweet, funny, imaginative tale dressed up like reality," the film follows an anthropomorphic shell named Marcel (Jenny Slate) searching for his family after going viral. A darling at the South by SouthWest film festival, the A24 film boasts a whopping 99% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with audiences giving it a comparable score of 91%. With a box office sum of $6 million (via Box Office Mojo), Marcel is leaving cinemas and heading straight home, making it easier than ever to catch the shell's beautiful journey.

You can rent or buy Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

A24's "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" is available for both rent and purchase. Those hoping to rent the film have a variety of streaming options including Vudu, Google Play, YouTube, Apple TV+, Prime Video, and Redbox, among other services. The Jenny Slate-led film can be rented digitally starting at $4.99 for the standard definition version, while the HD version is available for $5.99. Fans of Marcel and his family can own the film digitally for a flat fee of $19.99 on all platforms.

In addition to being available for purchase digitally, audiences can buy the critically-acclaimed animated film on Blu-ray. The film can directly be purchased for home video on A24's official website. A24 is selling both the standard 1080p Blu-ray and a 4K UHD version of the film for $34. Purchasing the film on home video comes with extensive bonuses including a making-of featurette; a commentary track from director Dean Fleischer Camp, writer Nick Paley, and Marcel voice actress and co-writer Jenny Slate; as well as the original short films that inspired the A24 hit. In addition to premium packaging, the Blu-ray will arrive with a booklet that features storyboard and animated brief excerpts, character artwork, and behind-the-scenes photography. If you're a mega-fan of "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On," it's hard to find a better deal than the film's Blu-ray.