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My Hero Academia Season 6 Premiere Differs From Other Seasons In One Big Way

"My Hero Academia" is easily one of the most popular and successful anime on television (via Parrot Analytics). With its impressive animation, larger-than-life action sequences, adrenaline-pounding battles, and compelling cast of characters, the superhero-themed series regularly fires on all cylinders to the delight of fans everywhere.

Set in a superhuman society where the majority of humans have developed special abilities called "quirks," "My Hero Academia" has been careful to ratchet up the tension and the stakes of its central arcs as the series has gone on. Though these arcs have been tempered with the occasional competition between students or provisional hero tests, the momentum of the series has continued to move forward at an impressive clip.

While Season 5 of "My Hero Academia" took some flack for slowing things down a bit too much in its first arc, the show went all in and raised the stakes with some villain-on-villain action in the second part of the season, and this aspect seems to have had a pretty major impact on Season 6 of the series.

Season 6 is starting things off at a clip

Though Season 6, Episode 1 ("A Quiet Beginning") starts things off with the requisite recap of important moments from the series up until now, the latest premiere of "My Hero Academia" does surprisingly little table-setting aside from that. There's a distinct lack of fluff anywhere in the latest episode of the series, and that seems like a pretty strong indication to fans of where things are headed.

As "My Hero Academia" creator Kohei Horikoshi has indicated, the manga will be wrapping things up shortly (via Comic Book). With this in mind, it makes sense that the series will be shifting into high gear as well. While anime series sometimes tend to meander aimlessly once they've caught up to the manga they're adapting, it doesn't look like this shonen series will have that problem.

Season 6 of "My Hero Academia" ramps things up almost immediately, as a complex web of simultaneous plans is launched by the many heroes of the show in hopes of cutting off the spread of the League of Villains and the Meta-Human Liberation Front once and for all.

Since the premiere is already starting things off with so much aggression, it bodes well that Season 6 will not be wasting any time. How many seasons of "My Hero Academia" are left remains to be seen, but there's clearly a clock ticking on the series from this point, and that ought to make each new episode more exciting than ever.