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The Good Doctor EP's Ominous Tease Has Us Worried About Lim's Future After The Season 6 Premiere

Contains spoilers for "The Good Doctor" Season 6, Episode 1

The untold truth of "The Good Doctor" revolves around a premise that portrays medical professionals in a positive light, but that doesn't mean the ABC show's Season 6 premiere shies away from taking doctors through the wringer. One particular character who'll likely have a very bad time in the immediate future is Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang), who received a life-threatening stab wound in the Season 5 finale. 

"The Good Doctor" Season 6, Episode 1 reveals that Dr. Lim is still in the land of the living, but she's now paralyzed, which is obviously an extremely worrying development. It doesn't exactly help that the show's executive producer and co-showrunner Liz Friedman has now opened up on the developments, and her words cast Dr. Lim's future in an ominous light. Here's why "The Good Doctor" EP's words have us worried after the Season 6 premiere.

Dr. Lim has a difficult path ahead of her

"The Good Doctor" executive producer David Shore has previously teased big things for Dr. Audrey Lim in Season 6, but now, Friedman's comments in an interview with TV Line hint that said big things might be pretty bad. So bad, in fact, that while Dr. Lim's injury might not force her out of her profession, it'll nevertheless require some heavy rethinking on her part. 

"She is going to be continuing as a surgeon," Friedman confirmed, before teasing possible fundamental changes. "The big question is whether or not she's the same doctor as she was before. You're going to see this character struggle to figure out who she is in a different physical reality."

Despite this grim prognosis, Friedman didn't rule out the possibility that Dr. Lim might get better at some point down the line. 

"Her recovery is a part of future episodes, but I'm a little uneasy with the word 'recovery,' in the sense that recovery doesn't necessarily mean a return to exactly who you were," she said. "That is something that Lim is going to come to grips with."

Future episodes of "The Good Doctor" Season 6 will tell how drastic Dr. Lim's changes will be, and how her new reality will impact her — and, for that matter, the audience.