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Does The Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Movie Actually Feature Hitler?

Created by Akira Toriyama, "Dragon Ball Z" follows the adventures of a martial artist named Goku and his quest to become the strongest warrior in the universe. The series, particularly the anime adaptation, has become synonymous with spectacular battles and even more spectacular power-up sequences. Over the course of the show, the characters grow in strength in various ways. One of the techniques they use to do so is known as "fusion," and involves two characters combining in order to create one incredibly powerful warrior.

In "Dragon Ball Z," there are two ways to fuse: performing the Fusion Dance, or using mystical jewelry called the Potara Earrings. Because the series' protagonists, Goku and Vegeta, primarily use the earrings, fans didn't originally get to see what type of power the two Saiyans would create through dance. So, it was a huge treat for "Dragon Ball" viewers when "Gogeta" debuted in the '90s film "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn."

The movie's main storyline introduces a new evil creature named Janemba, who causes mayhem in the series' version of the afterlife. As a result, many inhabitants of Hell are unleashed upon the world. This includes several older "Dragon Ball Z" villains, like Frieza, who are quickly dispatched by our favorite characters. However, a baddie who comes face-to-face with Goku and Vegeta's sons, Goten and Trunks, is, quite unexpectedly, based on a real genocidal dictator.

There's an Adolf Hitler parody in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

In this particular scene, a platoon of tanks begins mowing down the cars on the road, led by a purple-clad officer called the Dictator. With his toothbrush mustache and distinct salute, the character bears a strong resemblance to Adolf Hitler. The English dub also gives the character a German accent.

If the reference wasn't already clear enough, the English dub pushes things even further. When Goten and Trunks transform into Super Saiyans, the Dictator admires their blond hair and blue eyes. However, despite many attempts, he's unable to defeat the boys. After seeing their fathers perform the Fusion Dance, Trunks and Goten do the same, transforming into Gotenks and taking down the Dictator using the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 100 Ghost Finish.

While the Dictator may not be Hitler himself, he's clearly an analogue for the F├╝hrer, so it's understandable that the film encountered some censorship when it reached the west. Though this scene appears in its entirety on FUNimation's uncut DVD, according to Movie-Censorship.com, the Dictator was mostly removed from international releases. That's probably for the best. While the movie treats the character like a joke, it's still a wildly inappropriate and bewildering inclusion for a humorous film like "Fusion Reborn."